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Smart and versatile Garden Robot YardroidYardroid resembles a mini-tank. Of course, lawns are mowed autonomously. At the front is the turret with the main water cannon, camera and LED flashlight mounted in a fully stabilized gimbal. The suspension, along with the swing tower, allows the Yardroid to ..
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Brand: Aiper Smart
Our Aiper Smart AIPURY1500 Pool Cleaner can use CleanClean technology to scan and calculate the shape of the pool to achieve the best cleaning cycle and maximum coverage, thereby increasing speed and efficiency.Keeping the pool clean will be much easier if you use a robot for this. Take, for example..
Ex Tax:$1,300.00
Brand: Tertill
Tertill lets you weed your garden at the touch of a button, no programming required. Its rugged waterproof casing and large solar panel allows it to stay in the garden all season long, working only in the sun. Have a more beautiful and more abundant garden - no weeding!Includes:Solar powered weeding..
Ex Tax:$349.00
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