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Autonomous Inventory Robot Tally 3.0 Simbe Robotics

Autonomous Inventory Robot Tally 3.0 Simbe Robotics
Autonomous Inventory Robot Tally 3.0 Simbe Robotics
Tally 3.0 Most Advanced Autonomous Inventory Robot on the Market
Helping retailers do more. Industry-leading accuracy, incredible ROI and real-time data analysis.

What's new?
Tally is the only robot that combines autofocus, autoexposure and HDR camera systems powered by Intel Realsense 3D cameras to navigate and analyze in-store environments.

Combining computer vision (CV) and RFID / Digimarc capabilities, the Tally sensor system is the most advanced on the market, allowing the robot to seamlessly scan and track products in a variety of retail environments.

Tally 3.0 leverages the NVidia GPU platform, which enables Tally to process shelf data in real time both in the cloud and at the edge for fast processing. It also provides more optimal traversal and an even better understanding of Tully's surroundings in the store.

Full coverage, holistic view
Designed for accurate inventory control in any retail environment, from standard fixtures, adjustable shelving to refrigerators, freezers, and top inventory auditing.

Polite, friendly face
The compact, slim design and modest, polite demeanor are unobtrusive to customers. Tally integrates seamlessly into challenging retail environments such as cramped, crowded spaces and aisles.

Built for efficiency + scalability
Uses the latest available mobile technologies to dramatically reduce costs, with 5x the resiliency of other technologies and minimal maintenance requirements.

Faster and more flexible data service
Hybrid cloud and edge computing deliver smooth, fast data transfers with minimal network bandwidth requirements. Simbe Intelligence collects data in real time, transforms it into useful ideas and makes it easily portable to its own IT platform and devices.

Tally captures between 15,000 and 30,000 products per hour.
MANUAL AUDIT once a week, accuracy 65% ​​
AUDIT TALLY 3x / day ~ 99% accuracy

75,000+ Miles spent in store with customers and employees per year
300,000+ hours Fully autonomous work

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