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Digit, our latest product, removes the mobility limitations of traditional robots so that machines can operate in environments designed for humans. Digit features reliable gait when walking and running, perception allowing climbing stairs and autonomous navigation in unstructured environments, and h..
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Double-sided solar fence Next2Sun Double-sided solar fence Next2Sun
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Brand: Next2Sun
Next2Sun GmbH has developed a mounting system for vertical installation of double-sided solar modules and is therefore the only company capable of developing and planning photovoltaic projects with this system. Our team can draw on a wide range of expertise. This allows us to offer our clients tailo..
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Brand: Droplette
Droplette Skin Nebulizer - Imagine Nespresso meets a nebulizer for local drug delivery. The Droplette is a handheld device that transforms treatment capsules into a high-speed micro-mist that penetrates the skin to a depth of ~ 20 cell layers. Without needles and pain, it achieves the depth of absor..
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Brand: LTE Canada
Duct Inspection and Cleaning Robot Airbot One is the ideal robot that air duct cleaners need. With a belt system driven by 2 high-performance motors, it can move quickly and efficiently through the duct without any problem. Its design allows access to all types of channels 7 ”or larger for inspectio..
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Brand: Polaris
Electric ATV Polaris Ranger EV - "The new electric powertrain will take the RANGER platform to a whole new level of capability, durability and performance." 2021 Polaris Ranger EV specs announced Motor: One 48-volt high efficiency AC induction motor Horsepower: 30 hp Torque: 113 lb-ft. Fuel sy..
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Brand: CityQ AS
Electric Bicycle CityQ - Do you want to cycle all year round? But faced with weather conditions, terrain and baggage restrictions? CityQ is designed to make cycling comfortable for everyone, regardless of weather, traffic or parking regulations. Imagine an e-bike car CityQ eBike offers you in-ca..
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Electric Bike Canyon E-City - A sleek and fast fitness bike with extra features: test your endurance and pump up your workouts with our flagship Roadlite: ON bike. This bike really stands out from the rest thanks to its clean design, modern component set and high quality carbon parts. Take your wo..
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Brand: Electrom
Electric bike Electrom LEV is an e-bike that has been designed from the ground up to offer as much of the convenience of a car as possible while still legally a bike. It can carry 100 liters of cargo or a small passenger, the Electrom also offers some weather protection for the driver, as well as al..
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Brand: Fiido
The Fiido L2 is not like a standard e-bike, at least not the one we are used to in the West. Instead, it adopts a design that has become hugely popular in East Asia, thanks to smaller wheels, moped-style suspension, a huge battery, and a seat for two.There are many foldable e-bikes out there, but ve..
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Brand: Karmic Bikes
The movement has evolved.We've spent the last few years developing a new type of bike. We've reimagined movement from the ground up to give you something unlike anything you've ever seen. Introducing OSLO.A modern e-bike that reduces the size of your city and takes up less space. Step into the futur..
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Electric camper Colorado Campworks NS-1 - Campworks nomadic system one is the world's first fully electric overground camping. Off-road. Timbren axleless suspension and articulated device. Go anywhere. Film Winter Is Ready. Nomad was built for skiing. Explore all year round. Film Water On Board...
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Electric car - bubble Microlino 2.0 two battery options: 125 km (77 mi) or 200 km (124 mi) on a single charge, and 11 kW for 100 Nm (73 lb-ft) torque, acceleration to 50 km/h in five seconds and top speed 90 km/h (55 mph)...
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