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Brand: Freedom Trax
Freedom Trax transforms a manual wheelchair into an all-terrain vehicle capable of tackling sand, snow, gravel and mud.The FT Pro can be installed and removed without assistance and comes with a 24V Li-ion battery, two 24V motors, hand joystick and charger. It can be adjusted for wheel widths from 1..
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Smart and versatile Garden Robot YardroidYardroid resembles a mini-tank. Of course, lawns are mowed autonomously. At the front is the turret with the main water cannon, camera and LED flashlight mounted in a fully stabilized gimbal. The suspension, along with the swing tower, allows the Yardroid to ..
Ex Tax:$2,500.00
Brand: FarmBot
Our flagship Genesis XL pro and enthusiast kit takes up 125% of the Express XL's footprint and has more advanced features and customization options. Genesis XL, which takes up 4 times the area of ​​the Genesis, can grow enough vegetables for a family of four, provides ample room for student competit..
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Brand: Deciwatt
Gravitational lamp GravityLight - Instant light from lifting a load! Hang GravityLight on a wall or ceiling, fill a bag with stones or sand and lift it up. You may not be aware of it, but you have just created a battery. When the bag slowly drops to the ground, it starts the generator through the..
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Gripper Almighty A-SERIES A0509 5 kg Payload 900 mm Reach ± 0.03 mm Repeatability Key Features A + Security An advanced safety algorithm brings safety beyond the capabilities of current collision detection technology. Speed ​​A + High-quality equipment, built with Doosan's world-class tec..
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Brand: OnRobot
Gripper Gecko Single Pad SP1 Gripper features grip technology that leaves no marks on shiny surfaces. The Gecko Single Pad Gripper is compact, lightweight and requires no cables, electricity, air, or programming for cost-effective plug-and-play performance. Maximum payload: 1 kg Gecko SP is avai..
Ex Tax:$800.00
Gripper High-power H-SERIES H2017 20kg Payload 1700 mm Reach ± 0.1 mm Repeatability Key Features High + payload Has an amazing payload, capable of handling heavy objects weighing up to 20 kg with ease. High + safety Provides superior operator safety with industry-leading collision sensiti..
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Gripper Masterpiece M-SERIES M0609 Payload 6 kg Reach 900 mm Repeatability ± 0.05 mm Key Features: Master + Security The high-tech torque sensor is capable of detecting small force changes up to 0.2 N, providing the industry's best crash sensitivity for safety. Master + Power Control Six ..
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Brand: Qbrobotics
Gripper SoftHand Research QB Robotics is adaptable and can capture a variety of objects without any change in control, demonstrating an unprecedented level of simplicity and flexibility. qb SoftHand Research is an anthropomorphic robotic arm based on soft robotics technology that is flexible, adapta..
Ex Tax:$11,000.00
Brand: Ponix Systems
Smart Indoor Gardening on your wall!What is even better than sharing a nice home cooked meal with friends at home? A meal, that you also grew by yourself in your own four walls!Herbert is a smart garden system that lets you grow herbs easily and without soil, 365 days a year!It is our vision to disr..
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