Blink Introduces mobile charging station

Blink Charging has developed a portable charging solution that certainly fills a need. Roadside assistance vehicles like towing contractors will definitely need to have EV charging equipment like this on their vehicles as more and more electric vehicles take to the roads.

Blink's new mobile charger is a free-standing EV charging station that supports 40-amp, 240-volt AC charging, and provides up to 9.6kW to the vehicle in need. That's probably good enough to add enough range to get most vehicles to either a high-speed DC fast charger or to their final destination with a 30-minute charge.

“This new mobile charger is tremendously innovative, and I’m excited for our Blink members and all EV drivers to experience its ability to help them when they need a charge the most,” shared Michael D. Farkas, Founder and Executive Chairman of Blink. “Roadside assistance companies, insurance companies, auto manufacturers, and even credit card companies offer their members, customers, and cardholders roadside services. The Blink mobile EV charging station provides yet another valuable emergency service for its members and all EV drivers. This product reaffirms to our members and investors that Blink is developing the infrastructure needed to benefit the large number of EVs hitting the streets, while also helping to offset concerns surrounding range-anxiety for prospective EV drivers.”
I say that because usually when an EV driver runs out of juice, they do so not far from the destination they were trying to make. You'll fall short by less than 10 miles, not 50. In the 11 years that I've been driving EVs, I've only run out of juice three times. Once, I was on my block, about 1,000 feet from my house, and the other two times I was about 2 miles from home. 

It's important to mention that all three times this happened it was with my 2012 BMW ActiveE, which was an experimental EV. When the range meter reached zero it really meant zero, and the range estimator was not very accurate, especially when you had a low state of charge. 

On any of those occasions, I would have only needed to plug in for 10 - 15 minutes to charge up enough to make it home. It would have been great if I could have called AAA and have them bring one of these portable chargers to give me a quick boost. 

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