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Garden Robot Yardroid

Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
Garden Robot Yardroid
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Smart and versatile Garden Robot Yardroid

Yardroid resembles a mini-tank. Of course, lawns are mowed autonomously. At the front is the turret with the main water cannon, camera and LED flashlight mounted in a fully stabilized gimbal. The suspension, along with the swing tower, allows the Yardroid to spray water in almost all directions.

Weed and pest control nozzles are mounted in the turret at an angle of approximately 45 degrees downward.

Also in the tower are two solids feeders for seed and fertilizer.

Yardroid moves on rails. It is able to turn around and overcome vertical obstacles up to 6 inches high and slopes up to 45 degrees.


  • Battery: 12 V, 100 Wh
  • Drive: double motor, each motor drives one track
  • Top speed: 2.5 mph or 4 km / h
  • Range: max 5 miles / 8 km
  • Charging: 4 hours from full to full charge
  • Climb a vertical obstacle: maximum 6 inches / 15 cm
  • Rise at an incline: up to 45 degrees or more, depending on traction
  • Turning radius: 0, can be turned in place
  • Weight: 18 lbs / 8 kg empty
  • Size (L x W x H): 22 "x 19" x 12 "/ 55cm x 46cm x 30cm
  • Dispensing containers: 2 x 2 lbs / 1 kg
  • Water tank: 2 gallons / 8 liters
  • Auxiliary valve: solar powered with battery, 5V
  • Weed control tank: 1 quart / 1 liter
  • Insecticide container: 1 quart / 1 liter
  • Water pistol radius: 30 feet / 10 meters
  • Water gun capacity: 1 gallon / 4 liters per minute
  • Pest killer capacity: 0.5 qt / liter per minute.
  • Weed killer output: 0.5 qt / liter per minute.
  • Computer vision frame rate: 2 frames per second / 2 Hz
  • Camera field of view: 150 degrees
  • Tower rotation: 200 degrees in any direction.

Robotic lawn mowing

Yardroid is driven by computer vision and artificial intelligence. No need to run wires around the perimeter,

The yardroid does not move in random paths, aimlessly crossing the lawn. Instead, he plans his route. This not only keeps the robot mowing time to a minimum, but also allows the Yardroid to create visible / decorative lines and patterns on the lawn.

The cutting height of the grass can not be changed using the manual adjuster on the robot, but automatically via the control app.

Robotic irrigation

Computer vision and artificial intelligence enable Yardroid to provide automated and flexible watering for yards and land. No more drip lines and inflexible zone settings.

The water gun is mounted inside a stabilized gimbal, which also contains a camera and an LED flashlight. Yardroid can spray water straight up and almost straight down.

Yardroid can regulate water pressure and therefore can irrigate almost any possible target, near or far, high or low.

Water refills are automatic through an automatic companion faucet that Yardroid uses to control the flow of water into the water tank. Automatic refueling

Yardroid can open and close the lid of the water tank. By using the automatic auxiliary valve, Yardroid can quickly fill the water tank. This allows lawns to be irrigated autonomously without operator intervention / refueling.

The companion centrifugal valve is powered by a battery that is constantly charged by a solar panel, so there is no need for an electrical installation.

Weed and pest control tanks are filled by hand. The containers for these liquids are 1 quart / liter each and therefore serve a significant amount of time. Weed control

The yardroid has a 1 quart per liter tank for a weed killer. It recognizes weeds using a camera and artificial intelligence. By choosing only these weeds, Yardroid uses a minimal amount of weed killer chemicals.

The weed control attachment is not on the main suspension, but is fixed to the turret. It is built-in hardware protection against accidental spraying of weed control agent on people. Pest control

Computer vision and artificial intelligence enable Yardroid to detect and classify pests, from insects and arachnids to birds and mammals.

Yardroid controls larger pests such as birds and mammals with its physical presence and movement, a powerful LED flashlight and, if necessary, repelling them with a main water pistol.

Yardroid fights smaller insects and arachnid pests with a targeted spray of pest killer that it carries in a 1 liter per liter tank. Leaf blowing

Yardroid uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to detect debris on paths, sidewalks, driveways, and grass. It can be further customized via the management app.

A fan built into the turret blows debris away to keep these surfaces clean.


Yardroid uses its camera and LED lighting to constantly monitor its environment, including identifying intruders.

If an attacker is detected, Yardroid sends alerts. It records an intruder and stores the footage on a mobile device and, if installed, in the cloud for secure storage.

The built-in Yardroid speaker can alert intruders that they have been spotted and are being recorded. This often convinces the attackers to leave.

The Yardroid can even take defensive action, using a fully powered main water pistol to spray water on intruders, distracting and delaying them, and even chasing them away.

Yardroid protects itself from theft in a similar way, including sending you its current GPS location. For added protection against theft, Yardroid can be password protected.

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