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Industrial exoskeleton knees LegX SuitX

Industrial exoskeleton knees LegX SuitX
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Industrial exoskeleton knees LegX SuitX
Industrial exoskeleton knees LegX SuitX - Active relief of knee pain and fatigue
legX is a revolutionary exoskeleton that supports the user's knees, making it easy to squat repeatedly or over extended periods of time. Studies have shown that it can reduce the tension in the quadriceps muscles around the knee joint when squatting.

The size of the exoskeleton and the degree of support it provides can be customized for the user based on their individual needs. LegX offers two different features, smart mode and lock mode, which can be used independently or in combination.

In smart mode, the system does not interfere when walking or going up and down stairs. It automatically triggers when squatting and transfers some of the user's weight behind the knee to the ground. In this mode, the user is assisted both when descending and ascending. In locking mode, the exoskeleton can be used as a chair that can be adjusted to different heights.

"A significant decrease in the activity of the rectus femoris was observed with the use of the exoskeleton (mean decrease: 22–56% and maximum decrease: 12–48% for panel task, and mean decrease: 57% and maximum decrease: 34% during floor exercise. Challenge) . "

“LegX significantly reduces the activity of the rectus femoris during static (floor) and dynamic (panel) squatting and can reduce the pain and discomfort associated with squatting and potentially reduce the risk of knee disease. the greatest benefit comes from a combination of these two factors. "

Reduces Knee Fatigue and Strength
Significantly reduces the force of the quadriceps muscle, thereby reducing the strength of the knee joint.

The device recognizes the difference between light activities such as walking and challenging activities such as long squats. It does not impede movement when the user is in an upright position and automatically triggers to support the transition to a squatting position. This smart design provides the best support and maximum freedom of movement while wearing the device.

Low profile
Anthropomorphic profile and adjustable size allow natural movement and intuitive understanding of your position in confined spaces.

Unlike the exoskeletons of the upper limbs, the weight of the X leg and the forces it generates are transmitted directly to the ground. This reduces stress on the user's joints, making it easier to perform tasks at low ground level.

Works with existing equipment
legX can be worn alongside standard work equipment such as tool straps, Tyvek suits, respirators, etc.

Three compatible modules
legX is compatible with shoulderX and backX. The modules can be combined into 7 different exoskeletons to provide a tailor-made solution for each task.

Adjustable foot
The size of the support can be adjusted according to the needs of the job.

Adjustable size
legX is adjustable to different sizes and can carry up to 250 pounds.

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