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Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO

Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
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Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO
Industrial exoskeleton Ekso EVO is designed to deliver pain-free power.
Ekso believes that any injury can be prevented.

Our mission is to eliminate workers' injuries and help in daily life. To this end, EVO has been developed in collaboration with customers, physiotherapists and partner references to meet the unique challenges of industrial applications. EVO, the next evolution of EksoVest, is the world's most durable, natural and supportive exoskeleton vest.

EVO offers additional exoskeleton technology that we have been working on based on market feedback. We have improved design, manufacturing, speed, system and ergonomics to ensure this wearable exoskeleton provides exceptional usability for workers and users of all sizes and professions.

Our first industrial exoskeleton vest, EksoVest, has changed the way builders and manufacturers think about safety. Allowing leading companies in the industrial market such as Ford and Boeing to reduce production costs and worker injuries while increasing productivity and efficiency, EksoVest has been field-tested around the world for three years. Your feedback on features has been heard and we are proud to present you with our new solution: EVO.

To reduce the barrier to entry, we've created flexible motorized exoskeletons that make it easy for your employees to use the device with a great return on investment.

We have reduced the bulkiness and weight of our new vest. With improved features such as a custom fit and reduced weight, the EVO is incredibly comfortable to wear around the waist and shoulder.

We wanted to make continuous use and motor function effortless, so the EVO has a minimal number of touch points to keep you cool while the EVO lifts heavy loads for you.

Through rigorous field trials conducted by clinicians, EVO quality is guaranteed and based on data collected during development in the field. Human possibilities are endless for standing and overhead work with minimal discomfort and increased quality of life.

You cannot move without pain if you cannot move naturally. EVO was developed in collaboration with an intelligent assistance system that allows you to move with your body, providing strength throughout your natural range of motion. The user's torso, lower back and arms can move freely. Designed with a minimum of touch points, the EVO delivers an increased range of motion with the same support you'd expect from Ekso, allowing you to do more work over longer periods of time with less soreness. This lightweight exoskeleton allows you to move with complete freedom. The new EVO exoskeleton technology relieves stress and the risk of overstrain while maintaining a comfortable and upright posture.

EVO advantages:
Reduces worker fatigue
Improves health and stamina
Increases productivity
Prevents workplace injuries, especially shoulder injuries.
Boosts employee morale and retention
Improves workmanship and productivity in real time

Lightweight, no compromise.
The patented EVO multi-link structure smoothly follows the user's arm and elbow throughout the range of motion, ensuring correct joint alignment through repetitive movements. Extreme logistic positions - such as access directly to the head, across the body, or even into the back pocket for your phone - are not limited with this wearable exoskeleton.

EVO variable speed actuators have proven their exceptional durability with great effort, withstanding over a million cycles before needing to be replaced. The support level of each device can be adjusted to the user and task by easily replacing the compact gas spring kit. Different levels can even be selected for each hand independently depending on the task.

No batteries needed.
With an independent load path, the EVOs are completely separated by left and right shoulder support structures to provide full flexibility to the user's torso and waist, so twisting and bending feels completely natural. The user's upper body is also completely free of restrictions, allowing unrestricted air flow and leaving enough room for a safety harness. The EVO is designed to make contact with the user's body only where absolutely necessary, including eliminating annoying shoulder straps, and still remain in place during use. As a result, it is more comfortable and cooler to wear than even a backpack, especially in hot conditions.

EVO exoskeletons do not require additional batteries, charging or any kind of electricity, so they can be worn all day long with no downtime. It is an auxiliary device that can be easily activated and asymmetrically controlled by the switch on the each shoulder, allowing people to put on the vest and work without any additional help.

How much can you raise with EVO?
When wearing the EVO, you should only lift the same weight as without the device.

The EVO provides roll support (5-15 lbs) (2.2-6.8 kg) per arm to boost your natural strength throughout the workday. This is NOT intended to give you super strength, but instead gives you super endurance and reduces fatigue so you have more energy and less soreness at the end of your shift. No matter what kind of payload you usually lift (a 4 lb torque wrench, a 10 lb component, or even your hand weight), you will feel lighter with the reinforcement you get from your EVO.

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