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Industrial exoskeleton Sarcos Guardian XO

Industrial exoskeleton Sarcos Guardian XO
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Industrial exoskeleton Sarcos Guardian XO
Guardian® XO® Full Body Exoskeleton
Meet the Guardian XO - The Guardian XO full-size exoskeleton is the world's first battery-powered industrial robot that combines human intelligence, instinct and judgment with the power, stamina and precision of machines.

Designed to change the way we do work, the Guardian XO industrial exoskeleton increases operator strength without restricting freedom of movement to improve productivity and significantly reduce injury.

Pushing the boundaries of human potential
The Guardian XO full-size industrial exoskeleton robot, born out of the fundamental need to keep people safe and productive, is the perfect combination of man and machine. This is a revolution in the way we do work.

Guardian XO is uniquely suited for safer and more productive use cases in manufacturing / assembly, construction, field service and warehouse / logistics. One person can ensure the productivity of many, while significantly reducing the risk of work-related injury.

The Guardian XO's battery-powered full-body exoskeleton increases workers' strength, reduces stress on their bodies and reduces the risk of injury. Sarcos Guardian XO has a modular design with user-selectable end effectors. It offers 24 degrees of freedom, allowing operators to move freely.

This exoskeleton increases the operator's strength by 20 times with a maximum lifting capacity of 200 lbs. The Guardian XO exoskeleton handles heavy tasks with ease, allowing the operator to safely lift and manipulate up to 90 kg without fatigue or strain. Sarcos Guardian XO Exoskeleton Built for Extra Strength and Endurance
The full motorized design reduces the operator's metabolism and physical stress by reducing the weight of the exoskeleton by 100% during use.

Eliminates 35 to 200 lb (15 to 90 kg) "lift gap" in a wide range of industrial processes.

The robotic suit increases operator force by a factor of 20 (with a maximum payload of up to 200 pounds) and can also provide smoother lifting motion by dynamically compensating for gravity and inertia (up to 100 pounds per arm or 50 pounds per arm when lifting at full nomination)

Battery powered for mobile operation and trouble-free use.
The built-in power supply provides near-continuous operation with hot-swappable batteries.
Hot-swappable battery design increases uptime and flexibility
XO® Pod Docking Station simplifies battery charging and also makes it easy to remove and configure for transport / shipping
Supports modular and user-selectable end effectors

Modern control systems for increased agility and mobility.
The Get Out Of The Road control system uses sensors built into the robot to eliminate lag by detecting operator movements in milliseconds.
24 degrees of freedom (DOF) allows the operator to move freely and naturally in an unstructured environment where there is no access to larger equipment.
Equipped with a user-friendly operator control interface (OCI) for user control and display of diagnostic notifications
Hands-free mode allows the operator to lock the suit's arms while simultaneously performing complex tasks requiring human hands while carrying a heavy load.

Ergonomic and safety-oriented features for operator comfort and injury prevention.
In the event of a sudden power outage, redundant hardware and software travel stops allow "passive braking" to prevent operator injury.
The highly responsive control system allows the operator to smoothly perform anti-fall movements such as stumbling back.
The robotic suit can be donned and doffed unaided in less than 30 seconds, with additional emergency exit means.
Installation of additional special protective equipment is possible; also equipped with a lifting eye for docking and for attaching a fall protection device (FPD)

Usage scenarios
The Guardian XO exoskeleton is uniquely positioned to improve the safety and efficiency of employees across a wide range of industries, including:
Industrial production
Petroleum gas
Automotive industry
Military and defense
Distribution and warehousing
Aviation and aerospace

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