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Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE

Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE
Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE
Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE
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Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE
Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE
Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE
Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE
Exoskeleton of the upper limbs EksoUE - Innovation meets Neurorehab with EksoUE EksoUE is a non-triggering upper limb exoskeleton powered by spring force and active patient assistance.
EksoUE - designed to help a sore shoulder and arm during rehabilitation. With EksoUE, patients can pursue rehabilitation sessions with a higher dosage, more intensive therapy, and a wider active range of motion.
How does EksouE work?
EksoUE has replaceable springs that allow movement with active auxiliary functions with different drive, depending on the strength, endurance and weight of the patient. The patient wears the device to participate in occupational or physical therapy sessions to provide active assistance / increase active range of motion in many planes, reduce gravitational forces, allow longer sessions of activity, and lead to more intense sessions.
EksoUE exoskeleton functions:
Allows the patient to perform a wider active range of motion with assistance in all planes.

Provides access to the shoulder joint and scapula to help the therapist facilitate movement.

Can be used while sitting, standing and walking.

Supports the patient's arm with minimal intervention, providing more natural movement than other devices or conventional therapies.

Spring-loaded operation allows continuous use without recharging as there is no battery.

Patients can tolerate higher doses of therapy with EksoUE for longer.

Easily reconfigures for different strength levels and sizes, adapts to a wide range of patients and goals.

An easy-to-use, self-guided digital learning module.

Upper body exoskeleton supporting the arm and shoulder.
EksoUE was developed to help the patient with an impaired shoulder and arm and revolutionized upper limb rehabilitation. Designed for patients suffering from paralysis or weakness of the upper limbs, EksoUE helps patients regain strength, endurance and range of motion. Why we made EksoUE
This device can be rotated 180 degrees and, as a spring-driven exoskeleton, can be used in clinical settings all day long without the need for a power source. Its lightweight and compact nature means it is easy to install and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of patient needs. EksoUE is also mobile, which means it can be used in a wheelchair, sitting, walking while standing and during daily activities (ADL).

In recent years, our upper body wearables have expanded beyond medicine. We are confident that any injury in the workplace can be prevented. Our exo vests are used by industrial workers in the construction, manufacturing, logistics and other industrial applications with high energy demand to improve efficiency and safety at work.

Overuse is a common problem on construction sites and similar places, and there are many hazards that can lead to cuts, bedsores, fractures and even spinal cord injuries. With our wearable vest device, workers can lift heavy objects, carry heavy loads, perform repetitive movements, and generally improve their performance for extended periods of time. Our exoskeletons have even been used for military purposes for heavy equipment and have been used by the US Navy and DARPA because of these improvements.

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