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Exoprosthesis Hero Arm

Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
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Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Exoprosthesis Hero Arm
Hero Arm are myoelectric prostheses. When the user intentionally flexes certain muscles in the residual limb, the EMG electrodes in the Hero Arm detect tiny electrical signals, allowing them to activate various grips with precise proportional control. Meet the Hero Arm - for adults and children
Advanced, intuitive, reliable. Hero Arm is the world's most affordable multi-grip bionic arm, with multi-grip functionality and stunning aesthetics. Hero Arm is a lightweight and affordable myoelectric prosthesis designed and manufactured in Bristol, UK. It is now available in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for amputees below the elbow and children ages 8 and older. The difference in limbs is your superpower. Designed especially for you
Each hero's hand is unique, just like you. We do a 3D scan of your limb, use some clever software and design, and sinter your Hero Arm with durable nylon 12. The full prosthesis is durable and the innovative socket is also comfortable, adjustable and breathable, which means taking on and off. while ensuring the best fit. Intuitive and lightweight
With Hero Arm, technology is at your fingertips. Literally. Dedicated sensors in the Hero Arm detect muscle movements, which means you can easily control your bionic arm with intuitive, realistic precision. Plus, tactile vibrations, beeps, buttons and indicators provide you with intuitive notifications. Lightweight, powerful, durable
Despite being powered by space-grade motors, advanced software and long-lasting batteries, the Hero Arm is lightweight and super sleek. The hand in three sizes is the lightest on the market. The Hero's hand feels like a part of you. Plus it's durable, capable of lifting up to 8kg (17.64lb). Your hand, your rules
The hero's hand is what you want to be. With replaceable covers, you can change your style to suit your mood. Hero Arm comes with one set of free skins, and you can choose from a wide range including Star Wars BB-8 and R2-D2, Marvel Iron Man, Disney Frozen, and Deus Ex. .... Uniqueness - Open Bionics manufactures the arm, socket and frame and delivers a customized all-in-one prosthesis perfect for you.
Affordable Price - Hero Arm is less than half the price of its closest competitor.
For adults and children - for the first time, a multi-grip myoelectric is available for children aged 8 and over.

Versatility with Multiple Grips - The Hero Arm features 6 easily selectable grips for great user control.
Lights, sounds and vibrations are a complete set of tools that give you feedback on the condition of your bionic arm.
Freeze mode - hand can be held in a static position without fuss, secure grip

Lightweight - A complete denture weighs less than 1kg / 2.2lb.
Durable and Reliable - Laser sintered using durable nylon 12.
All-day battery - allows you to use it all day long without the need to plug in and charge.

Proportional Control - Raise an Egg? Control the speed of your fingers for delicate tasks.
Rolling thumb - grabbing tiny objects? This will help.
Moving wrist - objects at odd angles? Rotate your wrist 180 degrees.

Breathable socket - ventilation increases comfort in difficult conditions.
Easy to Clean - Removable socket provides easy access and easy care of the denture.
Dynamic Socket - Collapsible and expandable socket for easy installation in a variety of environments.

Custom covers - show your style; have different looks for different outfits.
Magnetic - It is very easy to change covers according to your mood.
Disney - Official kids' covers for Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen.

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