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Electric bike Electrom LEV

Electric bike Electrom LEV
Electric bike Electrom LEV
Electric bike Electrom LEV
Electric bike Electrom LEV
Electric bike Electrom LEV
Electric bike Electrom LEV
Electric bike Electrom LEV
Electric bike Electrom LEV
Electric bike Electrom LEV
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Electric bike Electrom LEV is an e-bike that has been designed from the ground up to offer as much of the convenience of a car as possible while still legally a bike. It can carry 100 liters of cargo or a small passenger, the Electrom also offers some weather protection for the driver, as well as all the headlights and turn signals you'd expect on a motorcycle. At the heart of the Electrom is a generator and chain drive that allows the rider to pedal at a constant speed without having to shift any complicated bike gears.

At just 24 inches wide, the Electrom can easily slip past traffic jams like a bicycle, and when you arrive at your destination, you can park it anywhere you can park your bike.

Electrom is engineered to last, with an aluminum frame and molded fiberglass and carbon body parts. It has very few moving parts and uses mostly standard bike components available at any bike shop.

Electrom is an emission-free vehicle packed with features that will allow you to get where you are going faster and cheaper, while providing as much or less exercise as you want. He looks different because he is different. For the better. Electrom has been designed to be customized to fit e-bike regulations in as many countries as possible.
In its standard configuration, it uses an electric hub motor that easily generates enough power to travel at 60 km / h or 40 mph.
Using a single 72 volt, 20 amp-hour battery and traveling at 32 km / h or 20 mph, it has a range of over 100 km or 62 miles.
The frame has room for three of these batteries, giving a potential range of 300+ kilometers or 186 miles.
Generator and chain drive system (GCD).
Electrom uses a unique Generator and Chain Drive (GCD) system. The GCD acts like an automatic transmission for the bike.

How it works:
The rider's energy is split and passed through two separate drive circuits to both the onboard generator and the rear hub motor with one very low gear. The driver can help the engine accelerate the car to speed and climb steep hills using a direct energy pedal, but at speeds over 15 kilometers per hour, the chain drive is free and the rider's energy goes exclusively to the generator.

Advantages of the GCD system:
Lack of gears - allows the driver to pedal with constant force all the time without having to change gears so that the person's energy matches the speed of the vehicle. This is especially beneficial when you are in the city. An added benefit is that since the Electrom has a top speed of 60 km / h (electronically controlled according to local laws), it will need a huge gear range if it uses a conventional transmission.

Choose Your Effort - Since the rider can pedal as much as he wants, he has a choice: work hard and sweat, or pedal at a gentle pace with an effort similar to walking. This is a handy feature if you are going to work in an office.

High Quality Exercise - Because the rider's effort is independent of the speed of the vehicle, he can constantly pedal against constant resistance, even when descending steep inclines or decelerating. This ensures superior exercise quality. The Electrom pedal set is mounted high enough off the ground to eliminate the possibility of pressing the pedal in tight corners, which increases the amount of time you can spend pedaling.

Power Output Tracking - Human energy generated by the GCD system passes through the shunt and is displayed in watts on the Grin Cycle Analyst V3 display.

Low Maintenance - While the GCD may seem complex, the mechanisms that make it work are fairly simple and time-tested. Since the drivetrain is almost free of contamination, it does not stretch or wear like a conventional bicycle drivetrain and requires very little maintenance.

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