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Electric velomobile Raht Racer

Electric velomobile Raht Racer
Electric velomobile Raht Racer
Electric velomobile Raht Racer
Electric velomobile Raht Racer
Electric velomobile Raht Racer
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Electric velomobile Raht Racer Designed for the keen cyclist looking to minimize their carbon footprint, the Raht Racer uses an electric pedal to enclose its rider in a weatherproof, reinforced housing with automotive-grade safety components.

Halfway between the electric car and the bike is the Raht Racer, a pedal-powered three-wheeler that reaches peak speeds of 140 km / h.
Raht Racer is inspired by velomobiles, recumbent and fully streamlined tricycles, allowing you to move in shelter from the cold and rain. This type of car was invented by the Frenchman Charles Moche in the early 20th century, but it was not until the 2000s that it became popular thanks to the skill of compositing.

Raht Racer is a modern and vastly improved version. It is equipped with a seat, seat belts and an airbag, but unlike a traditional velomobile, it uses the power of an electric motor to propel itself forward, rather than the power of your legs. It displays a top speed of 140 km / h at a distance of 190 kilometers (at average speed).

Carbon footprint electric bike car
Impossible? Maybe not today, but it will be; this is our mission. Inspired by the power of green technology, the Recharging Anthro-Hybrid Transcycle (RAHT) is a human-powered hybrid PHEV powered by a patented powertrain.

Combining the best aspects of cycling and electric vehicles by increasing normal cadence and cadence, the RAHT easily achieves and maintains vehicle speeds and has a robust suite of automatic safety features.

Intelligent Electric Pedal Transport, Raht uses pedaling force and cadence typical of cycling to help reach and maintain speeds of up to 95 mph. Its driver is encased in a Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass and biocomposite roll cage and hull, and is further protected by standard car safety features such as seat belts and anti-lock brakes.

Work Raht also benefits from the health benefits of cycling through a patented drivetrain. This unique design feature allows the driver to adjust pedal resistance / pedal feel to simulate real-world terrain, or to follow programmed routes as cadence / torque is amplified to highway speeds.

Raht is currently in alpha testing, with a speed of approximately 390 miles per gallon (188 cities) with its own energy recovery system, making it arguably the most efficient green vehicle ever made.

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