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Electric car L City L-BUS

Electric car L City L-BUS
Electric car L City L-BUS

L CITY L-BUS is an electric vehicle designed for courier services. Suitable for the delivery of last mile goods in large cities. L-BUS is produced in 3 versions - passenger, mixed and cargo.

Electric car L City L-BUS Cargo space with a volume of 4 m³ provides ample space for cargo. The L City L-BUS is also easily accessible thanks to the wide center and rear doors in the shape of an eagle. This model is open with the ability to cover it with high-quality canvas or be produced as a closed compartment. The electric car L City L-BUS is mainly adapted for loading shops and transferring goods.

Characteristics of L City L-BUS


One induction motor

80 kW maximum power

Rear-wheel drive * Four-wheel drive option

External dimensions (L x W x H): 3980 x 1720 x 1980 mm

Wheelbase: 3000mm

Ground clearance: 200 mm

Gross vehicle weight: 600 kg

Axels: 1 + 1

Tire size: 215/55 R16

Estimated WLTP range: 30 kWh to 150 km

60 kWh up to 300 km

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