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Electric car Air Grand Touring

Electric car Air Grand Touring
Electric car Air Grand Touring
Electric car Air Grand Touring
Electric car Air Grand Touring
Electric car Air Grand Touring
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Electric car Air Grand Touring - Introduced by Lucid Air. The best one, the one who found the range, the best one charging the electric mobiles near the lights. Get a max pull of 1080 and a distance of up to 500 miles on a single charge, for the price of a car you don't know. Everything is packed in an elegant design - natural Californian.

Max Projected Range: 500+ miles
Approximate minutes to charge 300 miles: 20 min
Maximum power: 1080 hp.
Seconds quarter mile: 9.9
Seconds 0-60 mph: 2.5

Electro has never looked so good. Freed from the rules of traditional automotive design, the Air redefines the shape, proportions and dimensions of the luxury sedan while infusing thoughtful craftsmanship into every detail.

0.21 drag coefficient
Stable materials and finishes
The largest piece of any electric car
Glass canopy - affordable roof structure

Lucid Air is not only stunning, but also one of the most aerodynamic cars in the world - with a drag coefficient of 0.21. Inspired by the elegant shape of the airplane, we aimed for clean lines in every detail to create a phenomenally fluid shape. Even functional elements such as autonomous driving sensors have been flawlessly crafted.

Outdoor lighting is another way that Air acquires the wow factor. Our Intelligent Micro Lens Array headlights, entirely in-house developed, are simply breathtaking. And at the rear, the wider Speedform taillight creates a continuous impression of light and depth.

Each Air has a flawless finish, often accentuated by a polished platinum canopy on the roof. Choose the right color from a carefully selected palette of body colors.

Cabin? More like a mansion.
Despite the Air's midsize exterior, the cabin is surprisingly spacious, with proportions similar to a full-size sedan. This is made possible by our exclusive drivetrain components downsized to create stretch space. And it's not only roomy, but it also teems with ultra-luxurious features like affordable massage seats.

The rear cabin Lucid Air provides spacious space for three adults with the best legroom in its segment.
The optional executive rear seating package (to be available at a later date) will offer the two of you a jet-style flight experience that allows you to lean back.

Lucid Air ingeniously maximizes storage space, giving you SUV-level space. The clamshell deck lid opens to reveal a large two-tiered trunk, while under the bonnet you'll find a huge trunk. By huge, we mean almost four times more than other electric vehicles.
Inside the cockpit, there are a number of other storage areas, including large door pockets and a bonus compartment behind a retractable pilot panel.

Roof with a view.
Lucid Air opens further thanks to its incredible glass canopy. This additional solid glass roof covers the entire cab almost non-stop, giving everyone in the vehicle a magnificent view of the sky overhead. And while the glass canopy is completely transparent to your eyes, it has many protective layers that block out heat and sunlight.

This thing really moves. Our obsessive focus on efficiency and intelligence makes Air the ultimate paragon of power. Besides track-proven power, its record-breaking range means you can take it with you wherever you go - fast.

Cutting-edge technology at Air is a real deal. From the moment you open the Lucid app to the immersive in-car experience, every interaction should be instant, intuitive and just the way you want it to be.
34 ", 5K - Glass display in cockpit
By Air - Software Updates
21 Speakers - Surreal Sound ™ System
With Alexa support - voice commands

Lucid started out as a battery manufacturer and now helps power the most advanced electric racing cars. Thanks to our patented technology, you can now charge your Air very quickly and take advantage of the bi-directional charging capabilities soon.
20 minutes for about 300 miles
Superfast 900 V + Charging system
2400+ Chargers via Electrify America
Bi-directional charging capabilities

Features and characteristics:
Power and transmission
Motor Dual core ActiveCore
Horsepower Air Pure 480 HP, Air Touring 620 HP, Air Grand Touring 800 HP, Air Dream Edition 1080 HP

Driving type Permanent, four-wheel drive
From 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds
Top speed up to 168 mph
Efficiency Predicted Range (EPA estimate) ²
Air Pure 406 miles, Air Touring 406 miles, Air Grand Touring 517 miles, Air Dream Edition 503 miles

Combined CO2 emissions 0 g per mile
Aerodynamic CD 0.21
Compatibility All Tier II and Tier III systems
Charging Standard Combined Charging System (CCS)
Charging voltage Fastest charging in the industry: 300 kW peak charging power
Charging from AC mains Up to 19.2 kW
Charging speed up to 1200 mph peak charging speed (consumption 250 Wh / miles)
Charging speed Up to 300 miles in 20 minutes
On-board charger Multifunction, bidirectional (V2X)

Overall dimensions
Width without mirrors 76.34 inches, 1939 mm
Width with mirrors 86.54 inches, 2198 mm
Length 195.88 inches, 4975.3 mm
Height 55.51 inches, 1410 mm
Wheelbase 116.54 inches, 2960 mm
Chassis Wheels 19 ", 20", 21 "
Suspension Semi-active dampers
Electronic stability control Standard
Torque vector Standard
Parking brake Integrated EPB
Dream Edition and GT tires: Pirelli 245/265 Split summer tires with 35 profiles

Number of seats 5
Headroom (front) 39.5 inches, 1005 mm
Maximum legroom (front) 45.4 inches, 1153 mm
Effective legroom (front) 41.5 "1053 mm
Shoulders (front) 58.3 inches, 1481 mm
Headroom (back) 38.3 inches, 973 mm
Legroom (Rear) Long Range Battery 35.8 "910mm
Legroom (rear) Standard battery 37.4 in. 951 mm
Shoulders (back) 54.5 inches, 1385 mm
Luggage compartment (rear) 456 liters (GCIE)
Luggage compartment (front) 202 liters (GCIE)

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