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Electric car Air Dream Edition

Electric car Air Dream Edition
Electric car Air Dream Edition
Electric car Air Dream Edition
Electric car Air Dream Edition
Electric car Air Dream Edition
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Electric car Air Dream Edition - Electro has never looked so good. Freed from the rules of traditional automotive design, the Air redefines the shape, proportions and dimensions of the luxury sedan while infusing thoughtful craftsmanship into every detail.

Outdoor lighting is another way that Air acquires the wow factor. Our Intelligent Micro Lens Array headlights, entirely in-house developed, are simply breathtaking. And at the rear, the wider Speedform taillight creates a continuous impression of light and depth.

Each Air has a flawless finish, often accentuated by a polished platinum canopy on the roof. Choose the right color from a carefully selected palette of body colors.

Cabin? More like a mansion.
Despite the Air's midsize exterior, the cabin is surprisingly spacious, with proportions similar to a full-size sedan. This is made possible by our exclusive drivetrain components downsized to create stretch space. And it's not only roomy, but it also teems with ultra-luxurious features like affordable massage seats.

The rear cabin Lucid Air provides spacious space for three adults with the best legroom in its segment.
The optional Executive Rear Seat Package (to be available later) offers a comfortable two-seat experience that allows you to lean back.

Lucid Air ingeniously maximizes storage space, giving you SUV-level space. The clamshell deck lid opens to reveal a large two-tiered trunk, while under the bonnet you'll find a huge trunk. By huge, we mean almost four times more than other electric vehicles.

Inside the cockpit, there are a number of other storage areas, including large door pockets and a bonus compartment behind the pilot's pull-out panel.

Roof with a view.
Lucid Air opens further thanks to its incredible glass canopy. This additional solid glass roof covers the entire cab almost non-stop, giving everyone in the vehicle a magnificent view of the sky overhead. And while the glass canopy is completely transparent to your eyes, it has many protective layers that block out heat and sunlight.

Technology Film The future is standard.
The cutting edge technology at Lucid Air is cutting edge to meet your requirements. The Glass Cockpit display provides information in a clear, clean user interface, while the Pilot Panel puts customization options at your fingertips. Countless Air innovations - from wave-like speakers to tactile buttons and natural daylight - are seamlessly integrated. So every interaction seems easy.

The main displays of Lucid Air are technical wonders. The floating 34-inch Glass Cockpit curves around the driver's seat, has 5K resolution and displays information right in the field of view.

In addition, the Pilot Panel's pull-out center panel provides deeper control over functions and slides to reveal hidden storage areas.

Auto haute couture.
There is luxury, but there is Lucid. Our discerning attention to detail means every stitch, shade and source is carefully thought out. This commitment to high quality workmanship is evident the moment you step into the machine. Sustainability is also key as Air is inspired by the natural landscapes of California.

Cool Californian, in four colors.
Interior themes Lucid Air are designed to evoke a sense of place: Santa Monica, Mojave, Santa Cruz or Tahoe. The darker tones of the front cockpit accentuate the vehicle's handling, while the rear has a lighter palette in the spirit of relaxation. Each theme is carefully crafted using a variety of fabrics, leathers and textiles.

Lucid Air offers sophisticated upholstery options: Nappa from the world's only manufacturer of this carbon-neutral grain leather; smooth premium leather texture; and the sophisticated PurLuxe leather alternative (available at a later date) - each with a unique perforation pattern for enhanced comfort and style.

Textiles on offer include Alcantara headlining, as well as fabrics such as wool blend textiles made from sustainable alpaca and recycled yarns, and premium textiles that use an advanced air texturing process to convert 100% recycled yarn into a luxurious material.

Sustainable wood options include: silvered eucalyptus with driftwood-like markings; North American walnut with linear texture and open pores; and Carbon Oak, a red oak with natural hues visible through dark stains.

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