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Cool Sleep BFan bed fan

Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan
Cool Sleep BFan bed fan will help you sleep deeper and longer, help stop night sweats and give you the rest you deserve.
BFan® is quiet, gentle, stable and powerful when you need it. The innovative bFan® design removes the heat generated by your body and stays inside the bed (sheets, blankets and mattress). This unique system allows you to sleep much cooler and deeper at night and save money on air conditioning.

Using convection, one of the main methods of cooling our body, we can sleep cooler without lowering the thermostat temperature to a financially difficult level.
BFan® with wireless remote control and brushless motor
Based on your feedback, we have improved the sound level and the remote. BFan® Version 2 features a brushless motor that is quieter, cooler and lasts longer.

We've also added a wireless remote control so you can easily select your ideal airflow, save settings and set a timer to turn off the fan after 4 or 9 hours.

Now you can control your temperature even better and save on energy bills with the new bFan®!
NEW bFan® delivers more refreshing, deeper and more restful nights sleep while saving money on your electricity bills. Adjustable height, remote speed control, quiet, stable and powerful when you need it.

BFan® is for people who want to save on air conditioning bills and not go broke trying to sleep cooler.

BFan® is for people who like to sleep peacefully and want cooler or cooler sheets at night.
BFan® is for women suffering from the effects of menopause, including night sweats caused by hot flashes.
BFan® is for people who have a medical condition in which their body gets hot at night and who want a cooler sleep.
For people looking to reap the tremendous health benefits of a sleep cooler. The correct height must be selected when ordering. Measure the height of the bed from the floor to the top of the mattress. If that size is 19 to 28 inches, you should get a short top; if your size is 28 to 37 inches, you should get a high top.
About 15 years ago we built our very first bed fan. We named it Bedfan. We were the very first company to bring such a product to market. Over the years, we have developed our name and gained trust in the market through quality product and quality customer service. We had many followers and many people knew us as Bedfan Company.

Around 2011, one of our former customers decided they liked our product so much that they just needed to have their own. The following spring, they came as a surprise when they released their own version. They named it Bed Fan and told the world that this is their greatest innovation. you can find them on Amazon if you want to support them. Imagine if they copied our name, what else did they copy. (for legal reasons, we cannot tell)

For the next two years, we fought them with all the legal force we could. We finally stopped fighting just before they filed for bankruptcy and sold all of their assets to the company in China. However, they still confuse the market today by using our brand name and stealing our ads.

For these and other reasons, we were forced to change our brand and design. We are undoubtedly pleased with the results and are very proud to present the new bFan®. The new name and new product that many people call the best bed fan in history is bFan®, so please remember that when you tell your friends about us, this is bFan®.

Over the past 10 years, we have spoken to many of our clients and listened to their ideas for what they would like to see in our next release, now bFan®. We took these ideas and implemented many of them in this new version, which we call bFan®. Here's what we've improved:

Increased stability. We have achieved this with a balanced footing, a lower center of gravity and a more reliable supercharger motor. Our first design was thinner and lighter, nice but annoying when it fell. This was usually not a problem when installed at the foot of the bed, but it did become a problem when used anywhere else. We've fixed that.
Increased Total Airflow While the original fan design was great for its day, many people wanted more airflow. By switching from an axial fan to a squirrel-cage blower, we were able to significantly increase the air flow. Yes, the people who copied us are still using the old design as they didn't do anything to improve the design, they just changed the look.
The total static pressure of the fans has been increased. The static pressure really makes it all happen. When we built our first units many years ago, we were aiming for the maximum static pressure that we could get with an axial fan. When we started developing the new bFan®, we wanted to take it to the next level, so we switched to a squirrel cage fan. The static pressure on the new bFan® is so great that it can lift your sheets and blanket even at low levels. Static pressure is the fan's ability to overcome air resistance. The higher the static pressure, the more airflow you get. Needless to say, another company, well, they still use low static pressure fans.
The fan has become quieter and more powerful. This is a direct result of the switch to a squirrel cage blower. This fan is much more efficient than any axial fan that other companies use. The fact that it can move more air at a much lower speed results in a very quiet system. As I said, the old style axial fans worked well in their day, but people wanted a quieter one and we did it. BFan® setup
Installing bFan® is easy. In the next video, we'll show you how easy it is.

For this setup, we have installed bFan® at the foot of the bed, which is the preferred location. From the foot of the bed, air naturally travels through your body and exits at the top of the bed around your shoulders.

BFan® is designed to supply air between the top and bottom of the bed so that it is in direct contact with your body. One of the nice improvements to this new device is that its base is extremely strong, with a wide and deep base and a lower center of gravity. This allows the user to place the fan anywhere without worrying about stability. BFan® control
BFan® is fully adjustable from off to high and in all intermediate. When you first start using bFan®, you should start at a low bFan® level and gradually increase it. At the same time, every night you will increase the temperature in your room by a couple of degrees. The goal is to bring the fan power to about half full power, but keep it cool. After a few nights, you will reach a level of comfort you have never felt before. It's a balance, and from now on, you can stop changing your thermostat and start sleeping deeper and more soundly.

On the first night, turn off the fan and see if the bed is too cool for you. If your bed is too cool, you need to raise the temperature in the room the next night. Follow this pattern until you reach about half the fan power and you are no longer too cool.

Equilibrium point is the point at which bFan® removes heat from your body at about the same rate as it is generated. Above equilibrium it will be too cold, and below equilibrium it will be too warm.

By adjusting the thermostat in your home a few degrees at a time, along with adjusting the bFan® speed, you will eventually find that you are significantly reducing the amount of electricity you use, thereby simultaneously lowering your electricity bill.

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