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Autonomous electric camper Retreat ERV Hyper

Autonomous electric camper Retreat ERV Hyper
Autonomous electric camper Retreat ERV Hyper
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Autonomous electric camper Retreat ERV Hyper - Caravans have long faced a common problem: there is not enough energy to survive for long periods of time, when disconnecting from the grid and refueling gas in the hinterland is very inconvenient. That was then, this is now!

After years of research, development and testing, the E-RV debuted as the world's first all-electric mobile home to go into production.

Equipped with an unprecedented 2033W * solar system and a 5000W inverter combined with a 14.3 kWh automotive-grade battery.

Enjoy the comforts of home on any journey.

Experience a true offline adventure while enjoying the luxury and practicality of home life.

The E-RV was designed and engineered to be an energy efficient home away from home.

Made of composite material, the cabin provides excellent insulating properties, making it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

This powerhouse on wheels generates its own clean, renewable energy while camping, while remaining carbon neutral.

Welcome to the future of caravanning!

The battery can power the following household appliances / trailer services:
Television 50 W
Heating cooling 660-920 W
Induction hob 130 - 1800 W
Lights 150 W
Electric BBQ Webber 1800 W
Toaster 2 slices 800 W
Laptop 60 W
Coffee machine 1200 W
Kettle 2000 W
Washing machine 400 W
Hairdryer 1200 W
Multicooker 250 W
Phone / tablet 5-12 W
Electric blanket 125 W
Convection ovens 1000 - 2400 W
Refrigerator 36 W
Hot water 1000 W
Welder 3600 W
Hood 250 W
Refrigerator Waeco 240 W
Audio system 250 W

No more refueling and gas service

No open fire, cook outdoors, even if there is a fire ban

Experience an offline adventure while enjoying the luxury and practicality of home life

Comprehensively designed and engineered as an energy efficient house with improved thermal insulation properties, thanks to which the interior will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

With up to 2033 watts of solar power, stay unplugged for extended periods

Tested and tested over 20,088 km and 176 days in the toughest conditions, just to exceed expectations.

The cabin is built of composite material without the use of wood. It does not absorb water and replaces traditional meranti wood, providing a rot-free structure.

Thanks to the latest advances in lithium technology, we can equip the ERV with a 14.3 kWh battery. (Equivalent to 2380 Ah AGM or 1330 Ah Li-ion batteries @ 12V)

Collects solar energy even on the go! ERV uses OzXcorp technology to create experiences that simplify your lifestyle.
The interior of ERV is specially designed to make you feel at home on the road! The ERV interior is filled with features that provide maximum convenience and comfort. This fully self-contained mobile home comes with leather upholstery, air conditioning, three-piece headboard, orthopedic mattress, ceramic cassette toilet and fully fiberglass shower.

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the off-road with a self-contained caravan, then its appearance has to withstand some extreme conditions. This is what sets ERV apart from anything you have experienced before. Outside, there is an A-frame toolbox, a TV entertainment hatch, and a gray water tank. Outdoor BBQ Grilling and cooking is also possible with the Weber electric barbecue with its own pull-out tray. ERV's signature color is always white, which helps minimize heat transfer to the cab body by reflecting heat.

Independent suspension 4.4 t
Farm chassis
Wheels 16 × 265
12 ”brakes
6 ″ A-frame
Extended A-frame
Bumper with 3 arms
1x canister holder on bumper
D035 Coupling
Insulated composite floor
4 × 2 main carriers
Spare wheel
Double electric step
Chassis Supergal
Rims General 970
Recovery points
Built-in battery in the case

Laminate Splashback
Door curtain
Acrylic Doors
Self-closing drawer slides
Microwave / grill
Pillow Mattress
12v range
Induction hob
Diamond series upholstery
2 towel racks
Soft seats
Upholstered magazine holder
Headbutt in full height
3-piece headboard
Shower made entirely of fiberglass
Black bathroom accessories
Premium Power Switches
Leather upholstery
2x Sirocco fans

Tool box on A-frame
Tunnel boots with inner lining
Stone deflector on A-frame
Rounded entrance door
Smooth walls
TV entertainment hatch
Sides of control plate 850 mm
Protection for rear control plate
Wheel Blades Checker Plate
Roll out the awning
Check the Pebble Guard plate
Modern double glazed windows
Tail of Jack's assistant
Picnic table with map of Australia
Maxifann Deluxe with rain dome in bedroom and bathroom
RXP Construction
Electric barbecue + slide

External 240 points
External 12 V point
MasterVolt BMS System
Lithium battery 14.3 kWh
Premium audio system
Rocking control
Reading light / USB combo connector
Light in the approaches
2xFlood Lights
4 external anti-theft lights
2 external speakers
Rear view camera + monitor
2 internal speakers
Solar panels up to 2400 W *
TV antenna
Robe carved from light and power
LED tail lights
24 ″ Smart TV and bracket
5000 W intelligent inverter

274It compressor refrigerator
Ceramic cassette toilet
Sapphire heater and Truma air conditioner
Built-in water filter
28Lt Electric hot water supply outside the shower
Protection of outdoor water pipes
Washing machine with top load 3 kg

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