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Our story Aspara

There are many innovative products that make life in your home more enjoyable. Single cup coffee makers allow us to easily enjoy the freshly brewed coffee of your choice. So, if coffee is so simple and easy, why can't we do the same with homemade vegetables?

This idea came to Dr. Lung when he was the CEO of a world-class semiconductor company. “We can use advanced technology to provide the best conditions for plant growth, so everyone can easily grow plants at home.

Later in 2016, Dr. Lyng founded Growgreen and tried various ways to use technology to reproduce nature in a machine and grow plants such as vegetables, herbs and tomatoes at home, indoors.

That's what aspara® is, an indoor hydroponic smart grower that allows you to plant, grow and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life.

The aspara® smart grower has patented adjustable LED grow lights and smart sensors that make planting accessible to everyone. It creates nature in a box, allowing the user to grow healthy, fresh foods and even superfoods to improve wellness. Aspara® is also suitable for schools, corporations and communities to develop STEM and promote healthy lifestyles.

Join the home gardening revolution

Many people become interested in learning more about their food products, their origins and methods of production. Growing your own food is the best way to know exactly what is going into your food.

However, creating a vegetable garden at home and successfully growing vegetables is not an easy task. Most homes are limited due to lack of space or do not have the best growing conditions. And for some, growing plants from seeds can seem like a daunting task.

Aspara Smart Garden has advanced technologies and sensors that provide the best conditions for plant growth. Everyone can easily grow vegetables and herbs in their own home, regardless of their level of experience.

Brand: Aspara
Intelligent gardener Aspara AS1001 - Gardening is a healing and rewarding pastime that can be difficult to accomplish in urban homes with little or no open space, so products like the Aspara AS1001 Smart Grower can easily support food growing. The sleek device has 16 capsule growing holes and boas..
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