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Country: Denmark

Agrointelli is a crop farming company that develops new technological solutions in the fields of machine vision, automation and navigation.

Research and development

Interaction between tillage, soil compaction and soil fertility from a multidisciplinary perspective

Simulation of soil dynamics and mechanics depending on soil cultivation, traffic and interaction with the soil.

Farm management systems to optimize tillage and crop growth, route planning and optimize operations

Robotics and precision farming technologies, in particular in the field of optimization of soil cultivation and crop production.


Development and implementation of automation technologies in machines for sustainable plant production.

Development and implementation of intelligent systems IPM [Integrated Pest Management] and IWM [Integrated Weed Management] for both organic and conventional farming.

Integration of sensor technologies and information systems into agricultural machinery to improve decision support systems

The use of cyber-physical systems modeling for the effective development of technologies that work with biological or agronomic interactions.

Our vision

Make global food production more reliable, sustainable and profitable

Our mission

To offer a universal fully automated farming system for farming in the global market.

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