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Gardener Robot Farmbot

Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Gardener Robot Farmbot
Our flagship Genesis XL pro and enthusiast kit takes up 125% of the Express XL's footprint and has more advanced features and customization options. Genesis XL, which takes up 4 times the area of ​​the Genesis, can grow enough vegetables for a family of four, provides ample room for student competition, and can take research experimentation to the next level. Suitable for permanent installation only.

What's in the box
Aluminum profiles for guides, gantry and Z-axis
5mm Anodized Aluminum Plates
V-shaped wheels with ball bearings with stainless steel rubber seal
Injection molded ABS components UV resistant
Stainless steel screws, tees, spacers and other equipment
Four NEMA 17 stepper motors with encoders and cables
GT2 Timing Belts and Aluminum Pulleys
Durable plastic cable carriers
8mm High Tolerance Stainless Steel Lead Screw and Delrin Block
IP67 waterproof power supply with 110 and 220 V AC input
Raspberry Pi 3 and microSD card
Farmduino microcontroller with built-in Trinamic TMC2130 stepper drivers and peripheral load detection circuit
Custom waterproof housing for electronics
Universal tool holder, cover and 12-wire cable
Seed injector with vacuum pump, tube, seed hopper, seed tray, seed trays, seed tray holder and adjustable Luer needles (3 sizes included)
Irrigation nozzle with solenoid valve, tubing and adapters for standard US garden hose
Soil sensor tool
Weeding tool with customizable equipment
NEW: Rotary tool (more on this later)
IP67 Waterproof USB Camera and Mounting Hardware
Two tool compartments with 3 slots, three tool compartments with 1 slot
All tools required for assembly
What do you need to provide
Planter Bed - FarmBot Genesis is designed to attach to a raised bed or similar infrastructure. Materials for this are not included because each setting will be different.
Electricity - The power supply must be plugged into a 110 or 220 VAC GFCI socket. The FarmBot comes with a 30 cm (1 ft.) Power cord with a standard US 3-pin plug. You must plug it into your own extension cord of the appropriate length. Alternatively, you can use a Solar powered FarmBot. Film Water. The solenoid valve that controls FarmBot irrigation has a 3/4 "female garden hose thread (GHT), which means you can take a standard US garden hose and screw it onto the FarmBot. You will need a hose of the correct length.
Internet - FarmBot can only be programmed and managed using the web application, which means that an active Internet connection is required to send and receive data. The Raspberry Pi has built-in Wi-Fi, although you may need to reposition your WiFi router, install a WiFi repeater, or use an Ethernet cable to ensure a reliable connection. Alternatively, you can run FarmBot on a local network with a local installation of the FarmBot web application.
You manage and configure FarmBot using the free FarmBot web application at We look forward to offering a free service suitable for home growing indefinitely, although we may charge a fee for commercial or industrial use of the FarmBot, for FarmBots larger than 3 x 6m, for FarmBots growing a large number of plants at the same time, for multibots / multibots. user management, for advanced features and / or for other increased account limits. You can always host the software on your own server if you do not want to use our service.

We strive to provide you with the highest quality products. As we continue to develop the FarmBot hardware and software, we will be making changes. The final product we send to you may differ from that shown in our videos, photos, documentation and described on our websites. If anything is damaged or defective, we will replace the parts free of charge within 30 days of product delivery. See Our Limited Warranty for more information.

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