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Robot single RakuRo

Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo
Robot single RakuRo - Autonomous driving
Single-seat robot "RakuRo".
RakuRo is a new personal mobility that combines autonomous driving features with little personal mobility so that everyone from youth to seniors can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Autonomous driving of one-seat robot RakuRo
RakuRo is a single-seat personal mobile phone that automatically travels to its destination. The user simply selects a destination pre-registered on the tablet, and passengers on board do not need to worry about people around them or speed. It is a new vehicle that allows you to enjoy moving around while helping the wheelchair and people around you.

RakuRo has an interface that allows you to communicate with your surroundings, in addition to an autonomous driving feature that works autonomously. The front panel of the RakuRo features an LED panel that indicates your intentions around you, and you can communicate RakuRo's actions to your surroundings with expressions such as moving forward, turning left and right, and stopping. Thanks to the robot's design with eyes and facial expressions, this design fits easily into the road (sidewalk) environment where people coexist.

In addition, since it is equipped with an autonomous driving function, unlike older cars and electric wheelchairs, there is no need for manual joystick control and there is no risk of an accident.

Steering is possible with two front tires, which allows for small turns. The battery can also last for about 4 hours on a 1-hour charge.
RakuRo has other features as well, you can find out the details below.

Usage example
Autonomous driving The single Robo RakuRo is designed to be compact, assuming it will drive on the sidewalk. Therefore, it can be used in various places and areas such as airports, theme parks and facilities. In addition, being always connected to the network, information and aircraft location, user state, etc. can be obtained, and it can also be used to provide new services such as MaaS services, remote control. functions.

Below we present the use cases as well as the solutions and benefits of RakuRo.
Features of RakuRo:
[Feature 1] Easy Destination Selection Using Your Tablet!
[Feature 2] Convenient design and communication with eyes and voice ♪
[Feature 3] Seat wrap around the body for a comfortable ride ♪
[Feature 4] Safe and reliable driving with advanced autonomous driving technology ♪

The compact body is equipped with sensors and devices necessary for autonomous movement. It pivots 90 degrees left and right and features an egg-shaped seat that hugs people, making it easy to get in and out.

RakuRo is designed to be used on sidewalks according to the size of older vehicles (electric wheelchairs) that travel on sidewalks. The maximum speed is 6 km / h, and when autonomous driving is moving at the speed of a pedestrian, so that the person next to you can move while talking.

The advanced autonomous driving technology cultivated in the development of autonomous vehicles detects people, vehicles and obstacles along the way and performs appropriate traffic control such as stopping and avoiding the road.

Safety function
An emergency stop button can be installed on the left side of the front tablet, which is easily accessible by users so that it can be easily stopped in an emergency, and an optional seat belt can be fitted.
You can watch a video of the introduction of the service, which uses RakuRo, and a video that is actually broadcast in the city and office area. In this section, we present a video demonstrating the use of commuting from station to office. This video shows the many descents of the Miogadani area, allowing you to drive uphill and downhill with a constant speed autonomous driving system on a hill and easily climb steps at a pedestrian crossing.

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