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Robot Dog Unitree A1

Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
Robot Dog Unitree A1
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Robot Dog Unitree A1 - Higher running speed
The maximum continuous outdoor speed is 3.3 m / s (11.88 km / h).
Fastest and most stable small to medium sized four-legged robot on the market (world record: 3.7 m / s on an MIT treadmill).
With the potential to be a great jogging companion.

Excellent driving stability
An advanced dynamic balancing algorithm allows the A1 to quickly achieve balance in a variety of situations, such as being hit or dropped.

Patented Power System
The perfect power system provides excellent performance that is ideal for all kinds of robot competition.
Crucial for high speed running.
Feature / Specification Engine A1 Comparable Competitors
Maximum torque 33.5 Nm approx. 18 Nm
Weight 605 g 480 ~ 550 g
Joint angular acceleration feedback Equipped No
Torque / Weight Ratio 55.37 Nm / kg 37.5 ~ 32.73 Nm / kg
Encoder resolution 15 bit 14 bit
Output bearing reliability Reliable industrial large cross roller bearings. Conventional thin-walled bearings that become brittle after drops or axial impacts.

Patented body design and layout
High strength and lightweight body construction.
Ease of service.
External 24 V power supply input.
Power supply 5 V, 12 V, 19 V.
Convenient for connecting additional external equipment.
Equipped with high performance dual master control device (read master and motion master).
External interface: 4 USB, 2 HDMI, 2 * Ethernet
Master control can be upgraded to TX2.
Standard equipment includes RealSense depth cameras.
Ability to build a map and avoid obstacles.

Patented Sensitive Foot Contact
Built-in force sensor at each end of the leg. Convenient for the robot to get real-time information on the contact status of the legs in all situations.
More accurate and sensitive than systems that evaluate foot contact using motor currents.
Integrate the foot contact sensor with the foot sensor of the rated motor current, providing greater sensitivity and reliability
The leg is waterproof and dustproof, easy to replace after wear and tear.

Vision-Based Autonomous Object Tracking
Track objects within sight in real time.
Support for online machine learning of target functions.
Display of tracking confidence using a colored field (green → red, 100% → 0%)

Vision-Based Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance
Avoid obstacles within 0.8m of the robot's line of sight.
Capable of detecting obstacle shapes to adjust body position
Real-time display of the robot's body adjustment, maximum distance and area within the viewing angle, and the range of the walking path.

Superior software and hardware reliability
More than 6 years in the field of four-legged robots.
One A1 Robot Performs 80 Flips at CES 2020
Uses a feedback backflip algorithm to ensure movement stability

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