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Robot TC200 Tecdron

Robot TC200 Tecdron
Robot TC200 Tecdron
Robot TC200 Tecdron
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Robot TC200 Tecdron
Robot TC200 Tecdron
Robot TC200 Tecdron
Robot TC200 Tecdron
Robot TC200 Tecdron Mobile Cobot for Industry 4.0

The TC200 mobile base offers highly flexible support for teaching industrial robotics. It allows you to add multiple accessories: joint robotic arms, sensors, and other electronic components.

Various mobility configurations:

Wide range of accessories:
Robotic arm (Cook, Universal robot, ...)
Sensors (AHRS, LIDAR, cameras, etc.)
Payload up to 120 kg

Remote Controlled
Offline Navigation

The TC200 is the first mobile robot in Industry 4.0, capable of accepting a variety of cobot models and offering a variety of mobility and navigation options. It is ideal for industry, research and education.

Industry, Science and Education
The TC200 robot is ideal for Industry 4.0 applications with close interaction between humans and machines. We are talking about cobots.

Its simple and open design makes it easy to develop and experiment with all kinds of new applications, such as automatic screwdriving on an assembly line, moving packages on a conveyor, or adapting to different configurations.

Its industrial quality allows the world of education to effectively train future robotics engineers by integrating an industrial dimension into their training.
Its versatility allows solving a very large number of applications with less integration costs.

Advanced technology
TC200 is the result of 3 years of research and development in collaboration with several manufacturers and research institutes.
Each wheel is individually motorized with brushless motors equipped with brakes and encoders for closed loop operation.
The swivel mechanism provides a large crossing capacity, making it possible to catch up with uneven ground and thus ensure constant contact of all four wheels.
Tubular design provides easy access and simplifies service and installation of accessories.

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