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Talyn Air Inc.

Talyn Air Inc.
Country: USA

Talyn Air, Inc. - Creation of a new paradigm of flight eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing). The first ever two-seat electric aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing.

Our innovative design, inspired by two-stage rockets, uses two machines. The lift raises the cruise transport vertically. Using an external takeoff vehicle, the aircraft reaches cruising altitude with 100% battery.

With an aerodynamic and efficient glider, the Talyn Cruise can fly farther and faster than its competitors. It is a true regional mobility solution capable of transporting 5 passengers over 300 miles at 200 miles per hour.

After connecting to another lift, Talyn makes a smooth vertical descent. Instead of landing at an airport in the suburbs, where there is a long commute to work, passengers arrive at a centrally located helipad.

Our leadership team and advisory board have a deep passion and experience in aviation development and a desire to move the field forward in a sustainable manner.

Jamie Gull Co-founder and CEO;

Evan Mazeisi Co-founder and CTO.

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