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SwarmFarm Robotics

SwarmFarm Robotics
Country: Australia

SwarmFarm Robotics - Robotics Small machines. Big Technologies.

SwarmFarm Robotics, founded in 2015 near Emerald, Queensland, pioneered the development and use of intelligent robotics in Australian agriculture. Our fleet (or Swarms) of autonomous touch-guided units is already working commercially with pioneering farmers in Australia.

The SwarmBot is a versatile platform that can operate across a wide range of industries. Three applications have been refined and are ready for commercial use by agricultural enterprises - Spray, Spread and Mow. Nowadays, everything we do in agriculture is limited to what we can hook onto the tractor or what we can spray in the sprayer tank. Our robots are putting new technologies into the hands of farmers.

“We are not looking to automate agriculture. At SwarmFarm we create new farming systems from the ground up.”

We develop technology from the ground up with deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience. We strive to empower farmers by opening up the prospect of autonomous agriculture.

Our ecosystem is developed on the basis of an autonomous agricultural platform for farmers, farmers, as a solution to their individual problems.

Real people. Real robots.

We are proud to have our team based in Regional Australia, with dirt boots supporting true technology.

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