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SproutsIO Inc.

SproutsIO Inc.
Country: USA

SproutsIO Inc. was founded in 2013 to shift reliance on industrial agriculture and move people from the end of the supply chain to the center of their food cycle. Their mission is to develop technologies that will enable large-scale changes in food production through the participation of producers.

SproutsIO's smart microtown is an indoor gardening system that learns from you. Grow year-round without soil, and control the entire process from your mobile device. The SproutsIO system provides a thoughtful end-to-end experience through smart device integration for horticulture, sIO seed filling and software services.

The SproutsIO high performance growing system fits any kitchen and scales to suit your needs. SproutsIO's smart microtown makes it easy to grow your own Personal Produce ™ - fruits and vegetables grown to your liking according to your personal preferences.

SproutsIO offers consumers the ability to grow their own produce regardless of local climate or gardening experience. By developing the world's first revolutionary hybrid hydroculture technology, SproutsIO makes Personal Produce ™ available to anyone, anywhere with a small fraction of the resources used by standard growing methods.

Brand: SproutsIO
Grow your own vegetable garden!The SproutsIO solution gives you the most complete and enjoyable gardening experience available wherever you are through the SproutsIOGrow mobile app.With access to carefully curated Personal Produce ™ offerings, grow what you want the way you like in a high-performanc..
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