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SolteQ Solar

SolteQ Solar
Country: Germany

SolteQ Group has its roots in industrial electronics for over 40 years as a developer and serial manufacturer for many industrial customers.

With the vision "Photovoltaic energy is one of the clean forms of energy of the future" SolteQ engineers and technicians

"Photovoltaica 2.0" was created, namely photovoltaic cells of beautiful, highest German quality, available to everyone.

SolteQ also focuses on other clean energy technologies, as well as wind power, drinking water and safety technologies for solar and wind generators.

SolteQ Solar GmbH technology

Our products are designed, developed and manufactured exclusively in Oberlangen at our own premises. There is also no partial production either in the Far East or anywhere else. All SolteQ products are manufactured from 0 to 100% in our own factory in Germany. We attach great importance to this, because it is often believed that there is only a sticker on it. In this way, we also create jobs at home and not abroad. In particular, at this time, we must stick together and not always strive for "cheap".

Our motto is "High quality at a reasonable price!"

SolteQ energy roofing components are selected using best-in-class methods and manufactured from environmentally friendly materials.

All materials are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Up to 100%.

In addition, all components are purchased and manufactured in accordance with our ethical principles.

SolteQ solar roof tiles are 100% round product. Consists of several different types of raw materials.

Every raw material used (glass, silicon, copper, tin, plastic) can be separated at the end of its life and used again to make new solar units from other products.

Brand: SolteQ Solar
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