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Solar Cloth System

Solar Cloth System
Country: France

Solar Cloth Company offers substantial economic and environmental benefits to businesses. Commercial properties in the UK, excluding factories, account for 13% of the UK's energy consumption, while at the same time contributing 19% of the UK's CO2 output.

There are an estimated 834 million square metres of non-load bearing roofing and353 million square metres of car parking. Both represent potential markets for our lightweight, flexible solar panels worth in the region of £167 billion and £71 billion respectively. What's more, the vast majority of the UK's supermarkets and warehouses are covered by non-load bearing roofing that can only support lightweight, flexible solar panels.

Our mission Solar Cloth System: to provide clean energy, everywhere and for everyone.

Our goal is to participate in the energy transition at the local level. We want to work towards the renewable energy autonomy of units not connected to the grid.

Our team has developed a unique technological expertise in the field of the integration of thin films under vacuum, using an ecological process of thermo-fusion without solvents, to produce racing sails, light, very resistant and "undeformable".

This exclusive know-how has enabled us to integrate into these layers reinforced with technological fibers, flexible, rollable and very thin photovoltaic films (25 to 65 microns), into laminated or woven textiles.

A new solar fabric is born, a supplier of sustainable energy that contributes to zero dependence applicable to a large number of sectors of activity.

With a unique DNA, combining high technology and renewable energy, our team is open to all new applications and innovations, in line with our know-how, green energies and the environment.

Flexible photovoltaic fabric VIPV Flexible photovoltaic fabric VIPV
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Brand: Solar Cloth
Flexible Photovoltaic Fabric VIPV - A Revolutionary Sunscreen Product 100% thin and flexible, the advantages of hard without disadvantages! CIGS and ASIGE photovoltaic films, enclosed in flexible and structured textiles, provide complete protection for solar modules. Thin: 25 to 65 microns (micron),..
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