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Smart Tire Company LLC

Smart Tire Company LLC
Country: USA

SMART Tire Company LLC was founded in 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Earl Cole and Brian Jenny. As part of a federal space act agreement with NASA, they are developing the first-ever consumer technology application of NASA's Memory Shape Alloy (SMA) tire, a futuristic bicycle tire called METL ™.

METL ™ is just the beginning. With a radial prototype and additional proprietary designs, expect these incredible airless tires to become popular in the automotive and aerospace industries in the coming years.

We are excited about the potential of METL ™ and we are sharing our knowledge of scooter tire performance and specifications with SMART Tire to help advance our mission of creating cleaner, safer and better transportation for all.” A new understanding of the wheel. Patented technologies for electric vehicles, aerospace, automotive and transportation industries using advanced materials and innovative designs. Private company in partnership with NASA.

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