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Country: Norway

The exoskeleton revolution - we didn't come to participate. We have come to seize

Skelex has been the cornerstone of the passive exoskeleton mechanism that has pushed the boundaries of innovation and adoption over the years. Our team strives to enhance the overall usefulness and comfort of the way people work in an industrial setting. We do this with the help of our young but highly experienced team of ergonomists, engineers and product designers. Constantly evolving prototypes, backed by exhaustive testing and an undying desire to help industrial workers become their ideal - our team is the embodiment of our exoskeletons.

Skelex grows at Innovation Dock, RDM Rotterdam

Here the team is constantly testing, optimizing and improving the Skelex suit.

Skelex Increase your workforce and reduce your risk of injury with our exoskeleton solutions.

Skelex designs, manufactures and markets custom exoskeletons for large manufacturing companies. Our products enable aerospace, shipbuilding and heavy industry workers to be more productive while minimizing the risk of ergonomic injury.

At Skelex, our mission is to empower people to exceed their human potential. We believe that with the right support, industrial workers can be safer, stronger, and less susceptible to work-related injuries. By combining our understanding of engineering, design, and the human body, we innovate to harness the tools of the working future for today's workforce.

What are we doing

We design, design and manufacture upper body exoskeletons for industrial workers, making them more efficient in overhead work and improving health and safety in the long term. Our exoskeletons are used by key players in many industries and are distributed through our global dealer network.

How is it done

Simple yet powerful - Skelex exoskeletons are based on our patented FlexFrame technology. FlexFrame adapts to the user's body shape, supports biological movement of the shoulder joint and transfers weight to the lower body. It intelligently stores and releases energy to compensate for gravity, ensuring user comfort and long-term well-being.

Skelex 360-XFR exoskeleton Skelex 360-XFR exoskeleton
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Brand: SkelEx
Skelex 360-XFR exoskeleton is a Class A medical device. The perfect exoskeleton for overhead work. Built to withstand the conditions Empower your employees and empower them to surpass their human potential with Skelex Skelex 360-XFR New Ultimate. Feedback from customers and distributors backed by c..
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