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Scewo AG

Scewo AG
Country: Switzerland

Through what we do, we make the previously impossible possible. We bring people together; use your experience to do great things together. Through the interplay of design and technology, we develop products that embody unlimited freedom and quality of life.

Scewo AG - Stair Climbing Wheelchair.

Development of an electric wheelchair that meets the requirements of everyday use and can safely climb and descend stairs without assistance.

Wheelchair lift Scewo Bro Wheelchair lift Scewo Bro
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Brand: Scewo AG
Wheelchair lift Scewo BroTOP SPEED: 10 km/hDISTANCE: 25 kmMAXIMUM INCLINE: 6°SPEED: 1 step/sMAXIMUM GRADIENT: 20-36°MAXIMUM STEP HEIGHT: 200 mm..
Ex Tax:$40,500.00
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