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SE Aeronautics

SE Aeronautics
Country: USA

SE Aeronautics, the future of air travel. We strive to create the most highly efficient passenger aircraft the world has ever seen, with a focus on efficiency, resilience and safety. SE Aeronautics, founded in 2010 by Lloyd Weaver, has come a long way from initial development to its current state. When Lloyd was just starting out, he realized how inefficient modern airliners were in terms of design, and he wanted to design and build the best, greener aircraft in the world that would meet the demands of the times we live in, design improved, and SE Aeronautics gliders ready. turn the current aviation industry upside down. This revolutionary airliner has revolutionized the field of flight for both the public and airlines, making commercial aviation truly sustainable.

When that happens, SE Aeronautics will change the industry. Poorly designed and manufactured aircraft will be a thing of the past. The SE200 will reduce CO2 production by 80% -90% per kilometer of seat and reduce fuel consumption by 70%. This means that we will move from 100 billion gallons of fuel (2019) to 20 billion gallons of fuel when our gliders are fully implemented. This design will surpass any aircraft in its class in terms of performance. We talk about range, speed, payload, safety, unit cost per hour, passenger-mile per gallon (PMPG) and tonne-miles per gallon (TMPG). Not only will we outperform all of these, but we will be able to build these aircraft in less than half the time it usually takes to build an aircraft of this size.

In addition, as other alternative powertrains debut, SE Aeronautics gliders will be best suited to implement these systems. Electric or hydrogen engine systems will work most efficiently when using our glider design, guaranteed!


Jet engines on the wings are easier to swallow birds, causing engine failure. SE engines are installed in the rear of the aircraft.

If only one wing engine fails because they are far from each other relative to the centered rudder, the airliner becomes more difficult to control, which also makes training difficult and greatly increases the likelihood of an accident. SE motors run in parallel, which also allows you to finally increase efficiency.

To maximize production, builders bolt large sections called barrels. This is usually the place where the fuselages break as a result of an accident, and people can be seriously injured. SE will build a one-piece (monocoque) strong composite fuselage.

New planes with a blank sheet are now heavier in one place than before. SE will build a lighter and streamlined airliner with maximum L / D to make our airliner the most efficient ever built!

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