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SAIC Motor Corporation Limited

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited
Country: China

SAIC Motor operates as an automotive design and manufacturing company.

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (informally SAIC, formerly Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) is a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, China with multinational operations. One of the "Big Four" Chinese automakers (along with Chang'an Motors, FAW Group, and Dongfeng Motor),the company had the largest production volume of any Chinese automaker in 2012 producing more than 4.5 million units, 76% of which were passenger vehicles. Its manufacturing mix likely includes a much smaller percentage of consumer offerings, as many (1,000,000+) SAIC passenger vehicles are pint-sized commercial vans.

SAIC Motor is the largest auto group in China, listed as the largest auto company by market capitalization in Chinese A-share stock market. In 2013, SAIC Motor sold 5.1 million vehicle units overall with the growth ratio reaching 13.7%. Meanwhile, with the domestic market share of SAIC Motor reaching 22.6%, SAIC Motor has kept the leading positionin domestic auto market for eight years consecutively.

The total equity of SAIC Motor reaches 11 billion units, by which nearly 198,000 workers are employed. In 2012, the revenue of SAIC Motor was 481 billion RMB with the 20.7 billion RMB net profit. Among the Fortune Global 500, SAIC Motor ranked 103th for the ninth time, rising by 27 places over the previous year.

SAIC Motor builds and sells passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Among them, SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Company, Shanghai Volkswagon, Shanghai General Motors, SAIC-GM-Wuling are the passenger car producers while SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Company, Nanjing Auto Corporation, Sunwin and SAIC-IVECO Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Company make vans, buses and trucks.

SAIC Motor operates as an automotive design and manufacturing company.

Brand: SAIC Motor
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