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Precision Makers

Precision Makers
Country: Netherlands

Precision Makers is your new partner for precision farming. Whether you are looking for a GPS based solution, X-Pert package, or an unmanned tractor, we have the solution for you. One step forward starts today. Do you want to know more? Contact us directly to find out! Precision Makers is part of Dutch Power Company BV along with Conver, Herder, Roberine and Votex.

Automation and robotization

Precision farming is the future. Over the next fifty years, mankind will have to use the available agricultural land even more efficiently than is currently the case. Automation and robotization must provide a breakthrough. Precision Makers is arguably the first company in the world to fully specialize in green automation.

Precision Makers offers a wide range of solutions for green professionals. Green bots, robot packages, measurement and control systems and GPS products. Within the successful Dutch Energy Company (DPC), there is a lot of room for innovation and expansion.

One step further

DPC companies have laid the foundations for efficient water system maintenance, public space management and agricultural land management in Europe. Companies that also hold leading positions in the rest of the world.

Precision Makers are the next logical step in mechanizing the green sector.

Our goal is to automate all activities and thereby reduce the need for labor. We make the machines work ourselves, and in this we are one step ahead of the rest.

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