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Ponix Systems

Ponix Systems
Country: Austria

Ponix Systems is an agtech company based in Vienna, Austria.

Ponix Systems is an agtech company. It works to enable every household to produce their own food by making farming more efficient.

Ponix Systems’ modular products, from adaptive LED lighting systems to hydroponic plant containers for vertical farms, can be combined and scaled in various ways which allows for commercial use in indoor farms, as wellas in private setups for food growers of every and any level of experience.

Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in in Vienna, Austria.

At Ponix Systems, we are driven by the idea of ​​minimizing the time, land, water and energy costs of producing food. The idea to revive the old mindset of how we do our daily food with the creation of Herbert came to life two years ago, in 2015. Our path has been established: the old, traditional path, equipped with new and modern equipment. Since then, we have developed and tested various installations and gained experience that is critical to bringing Herbert to life. During this period, we were also involved in the design and construction of premises for restaurants and hotels on a slightly larger scale. Although agriculture has been a part of our society for thousands of years, we are still stepping into little-explored territory and there are still many discoveries to be made.


We are changing the way we produce food by bringing food directly to your home. With us, everyone can have a vertical farm at home for growing fresh products. Our patented hydroponic system allows you to harvest vegetables, herbs and more. And the best part: you always know what it contains, because you have it all under your control! Anyone can become an urban farmer with our hydroponic solution - you don't need a balcony or water to grow a vertical farm at home. You can put it anywhere you want and you will see great results in a few weeks.

We're a bunch of techies and urban farmers. Simply put: a team of enthusiastic creators who want to change the world for the better. Together we are working on vertical farming solutions so you can grow your own food - simple, clean and homemade. No herbicides or pesticides, all year round and with a clear conscience!

Brand: Ponix Systems
Smart Indoor Gardening on your wall!What is even better than sharing a nice home cooked meal with friends at home? A meal, that you also grew by yourself in your own four walls!Herbert is a smart garden system that lets you grow herbs easily and without soil, 365 days a year!It is our vision to disr..
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