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Country: Switzerland

PWRstation is a Solar product development company selling preassembled, transportable, activation-ready solar mounting systems. PWRstation’s initial focus is to provide non-governmental organizations (NGOs) the ability to generate off-grid electricity in developing markets where it is estimated that more than 80 percent of all new energy production and consumption will occur by 2035, a market which will represent more than $100 billion per year by 2020.   

PWRstation - Solar power simply delivered.

Our vision is a world where all people will have access to clean, renewable solar energy that is affordable, easy to access and rapid to activate. We look to PWRstation’s unique solar genset solutions, which are designed to address the ever-growing need for hybrid, micro grid energy technology, to play a significant role in ensuring this vision.

Mass customized, fully integrated in-factory pre-assembly brings economies of scale to a global market characterized by high cost and labor-intensive custom-built solar installations.

The exacting quality of PWRstation’s standardized industrial manufacturing and international warranty will reassure even the most demanding customer.

Working with our worldwide distribution partners, PWRstation is developing a world-class, locally deployed after-sale technical training and support service to ensure long term customer satisfaction.

Brand: PWRstation
PWRstation, a young Swiss designer and marketer of innovative industrial solar panels, delivers the world's first retractable containerized solar generator set. New line of S 10-50 class PWRstation solar power generators (gensets). The new mobile ready-to-activate generator sets are based on the p..
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