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PAL-V International B.V

PAL-V International B.V
Country: Netherlands

PAL-V International B.V began designing a guided aircraft in 2008. He has evaluated many potential technologies and created many concepts in collaboration with renowned research institutes and universities. This is how the first real "flying machine" was born!

Having developed and patented its discoveries and concepts, PAL-V hired a team of highly experienced engineers with experience in the automotive, aviation and motorcycle industries and began developing its test prototypes. World-class partners were selected and contracts were awarded for several elements of the system. This led to the first flight of the PAL-V NV test prototype in 2012.

Since then, the company has moved to the next stage of development, developing the first commercial version, optimizing the design and launching production. This will lead to the market launch of the world's first commercial flying vehicle: the PAL-V Liberty. Liberty received official road use clearance in 2020 and is ready for the next and final stage - flight certification. PAL-V is writing a new chapter in the history of mobility today!

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