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Country: Belgium

Octinion is an innovative research and development company specializing in the development of mechatronic products for biological materials. This makes us active primarily in agriculture and the food industry. We develop robots, equipment and components for third parties and for ourselves, but always keeping a few things in mind:

- We work in a multi-disciplinary way, that is, when a combination of mechanics, software, electronics and technical knowledge is required

“We work at the crossroads between technology and biology.

Our projects always interact with biological material. It can be food, crops, animals, or other interdependence of biological processes.

- We innovate: we do not think outside the box. Along with customer projects, we also have our own product line. Thanks to our fully autonomous strawberry harvesting robot, we aim to become the world leader in agricultural robotics. Discover our full range of products, including fully autonomous strawberry picking robot, UV robot, scouting robot, logistics platform and more.

An innovative research and development company specializing in the development of mechatronic products, testing and measurement solutions.

Octinion is an innovative engineering company, as actively works in the agro and food industries.

Our mission at Octinion is to provide our customers with innovative automation solutions. We specialize in measurement and control technology. We take on mechatronic product development projects and we have a line of test and measurement solutions.

At Octinion, we always strive to provide the customer with the simplest possible solution that meets the technical requirements. In the end, the simplest solution is always the most economical to implement and manufacture. Our experience using the most advanced technologies is your guarantee that the solution does not become “as simple as possible”. If you need new ideas, additional experience, or additional resources, we can help!

Octinion is your partner in mechatronic product development, whether you are a large or small company.

Measurement campaigns are important in R&D and often take up an important chunk of the budget.

Use our products and services to reduce costs and improve quality at the same time.

Octinion is a first generation family business controlled by its founders. Driven by creativity, we believe that you need to think outside the box to create truly innovative new apps.

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