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Ningbo Ingrem Co

Ningbo Ingrem Co
Country: China

Based in Shanghai, sells to over 30 countries and 270 cities.

Ningbo Ingrem Co is an internet home brand based on consumer goods. Our main goal is to design, manufacture and sell customized home products. The brand life of netizens is usually based on startups. The point is to reach out to users directly over the Internet, make friends directly, provide intimate services and interesting products. In 2015, we introduced the concept of a computer booth to the global market for the first time. According to INGREM, a more humanized ergonomic interaction system on the PC side and a higher level personal smart terminal in the cockpit, integrated with ergonomics and equipment, will be a reasonable direction for development.

INGREM regards cutting-edge technology as its predecessor, independent research and development as its core, and staff training as its responsibility. We strive to make our future lives smarter and more convenient, and we continue to evolve with the belief to provide users with "the highest quality products." Currently, we already have the perfect “complete office equipment solution” and “home entertainment solution”, and in the future, we will also improve the “hotel esports solution” and “education and training solution” and finally create a new form life. the entertainment is centered on the "computer booth." INGREM , people oriented, looking to the future, we are on our way.

Ingrem's ergonomic work and play stations were founded in 2011 by Abu, a world renowned cockpit designer based in Shanghai. Following research and development, three different series of work and play stations were launched in May 2018. The most comfortable design, Ingram's ergonomic work and play stations are designed with the structure most suitable for the human body to protect its health through extended sitting time. Focusing on the relationship between science, technology and health, Ingram decided to equip smart equipment to make work and living environments more comfortable and efficient.


We believe in technological design, quality manufacturing and quality customer service as the Ingrem brand, and we have become a world renowned brand through our products that we have developed.


The Ingrem brand is a pioneer in gaming and workstations. This not only opened a new product category, but also became the first company to develop the concept of a business center and a game console.


He has established close cooperation with such well-known companies as Intel, HyperX, Dell, Alienware, xDrive, ASUS, Kingston. We also work with many interior design and decoration companies.


With their modern design, superior quality and the variety of products you can choose from, Ingrem products are highly regarded in the market.

Brand: Ningbo Ingrem
Workstation Ingrem Coding Pod T7 - More luxurious and more comfortable: Equipped with a luxurious real cowhide executive chair (faux leather chair options), very comfortable texture and superior quality, enhanced massage function for maximum comfort; Super good chair massage: somatosensory massage..
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