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Country: China

Nimbus is a company working to make our cities greener, fairer and less congested. We've been working on all kinds of electric vehicles since the 80s.

Nimbus uses our timeless innovative ideas to prove the truth that modern cars are too big and too dirty. We are ready to change that. Your Nimbus can replace your vehicle or be a simple addition to your existing vehicle. Use it instead of your car on your daily commute and start saving your time and the planet.

Charging it overnight with standard output. Get where you are going quickly. Park it in small spaces. You will love your Nimbus.

Nimbus has offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, San Carlos, California, and Guangdong, China.

Brand: Nimbus
The Nimbus Halo electric car is a transport alternative to clumsy cars that solves traffic congestion and pollution so you can quickly and safely reach your destination. As agile as a motorcycle, without the skills needed to drive it. PARKING WITHOUT STRESS Reserve your parking space at Nimbus ..
Ex Tax:$7,000.00
Brand: Nimbus
Electric car Nimbus X- The future of urban mobility. Faster with less cost. Green performance is the future. Top speed: 90 mph (145 km/h) 0-60 mph in 3.7 s 0.93g Maximum Lateral Acceleration with Nimbus Balance ™ Battery: 219 miles (352 km) urban range..
Ex Tax:$21,000.00
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