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Next2Sun GmbH

Next2Sun GmbH
Country: Germany

Next2Sun GmbH - Innovative frame system for vertical assembly of frameless double-sided insulating glass units and double-sided solar fencing.

Next2Sun GmbH's goal is to add a new solar power generation component to the energy transition. The main idea of ​​the Next2Sun system concept is the vertical installation of special solar modules that can use solar radiation from both sides ("double-sided" modules). The two sides of the module face east and west. This means that electricity is generated, especially in the morning and evening. The spaces between the rows of modules can continue to be used for agriculture, and the resulting flower stripes will provide space for a world of endangered insects and many bird species.

We also offer double sided solar fence as an optional product. This innovative dual function fencing system combines durable fencing, solar power generation and attractive design.

Next2Sun GmbH was founded with the aim of introducing the concept of a new type of photovoltaic system. Our team has many years of experience as project developers and plant operators. As longtime players in the energy turnover, we are pleased with the abundance of opportunities and the near-global applicability of our new concept. Our team works from offices in Berlin, Freiburg and Merzig.

Together with our parent companies Ökostrom Saar GmbH and Solverde Bürgerkraftwerke Energiegenossenschaft eG, we brought the Next2Sun installation system to the market. Both companies have been successfully developing projects in the field of renewable energy sources for many years. Next2Sun combines the industry experience and know-how of both companies. A passion for innovative technology and the drive to develop a completely new building block in the renewable energy sector is what sets our team apart. Using innovative energy systems, our experienced employees make a very important contribution to a sustainable energy supply and a clean and livable environment with dedication and vast experience.

Double-sided solar fence Next2Sun Double-sided solar fence Next2Sun
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Brand: Next2Sun
Next2Sun GmbH has developed a mounting system for vertical installation of double-sided solar modules and is therefore the only company capable of developing and planning photovoltaic projects with this system. Our team can draw on a wide range of expertise. This allows us to offer our clients tailo..
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