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Moving Life

Moving Life
Country: Israel

Moving Life’s product is the mobility scooter of the future!

We have developed the ATTO, a revolutionary freedom scooter for people who are in need of mobility assistance. The ATTO can be folded within seconds to provides access to places that would be difficult with other scooters, such as stairs, escalators, small elevators, and narrow passages.

The ATTO is lightweight and can travel a whole day on a single charge. For storage and convenience, the owner can fold the vehicle or dismantle it into two parts. When folded, the user can transport it effortlessly just like maneuvering a trolley suitcase on four wheels, or place it in the trunk of a car, or can even fly with it using the airplanes overhead compartments.

The ATTO is made only from the highest grade materials and is produced by our own team of specialist engineers who are based in Israel. We offer excellent customer service and always ensure there's post-purchase assistance for those who need it.

The ATTO improves the self-esteem for the disabled and elderly that have problems getting around. It gives them the freedom that they deserve!

Moving Life developed and produce the first and only true transfoldable scooter which transforms within 10 seconds from a full size mobility scooter to a trolley the size you would take on an airplane. Designed by top engineers, Moving Life scooter is the super light, ultra steady and the most appealing mobility vehicle ever introduced.

Brand: Moving Life
Folding electric scooter ATTO - A journey beyond the bounds See the world - and be seen - with ATTO. The smartest high performance mobility scooter on the market. ATTO MOBILITY SCOOTER While the compact folded unit splits in two for ease of transport, the ATTO comes together to form a robust fu..
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