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Micro Mobility Systems

Micro Mobility Systems
Country: Switzerland

Micro Mobility Systems - better urban lifestyle.

In the beginning there was the sausage, the best Zurich bratwurst.

For Wim Ouboter, the walk to the star grill was too far to walk, but not far enough to get the bike out of the garage. In 1997 he invented the original kickboard.

His “Kindertrotti” and his vision of urban mobility found little approval in the Freundeskreis. The prototype ended up in the garage - until it was discovered by the children of the neighborhood and became a hobbyist. This popularity with the children showed his wife Janine the potential. She urged Wim to go into production with the kickboard. As a variant, he immediately followed up with the two-wheeled micro scooter, which hit like a bomb in 2000. The press around the world tore up the extraordinary story of the self-made man.

Unfortunately, the market was soon flooded with copy products. While Ouboter paid attention to high quality and sustainability, the manufacturers of the plagiarism were only interested in quick, short-term business. The market collapsed completely under the price pressure of the cheap imitations. "We practically had to start again from scratch," muses the inventor of the original.

The ambition and unshakable belief in the product have paid off - today Micro is once again the undisputed market leader and represented in 80 countries around the world. Micro has made a lasting impact on the development of urban mobility with exclusive innovations - such as the Micro Luggage, a suitcase with a fold-out kickboard that makes everyday life easier for frequent fliers. Or the emicro one, the most compact e-scooter in the world, which looks like a normal scooter, but thanks to the wheel hub motor allows electronic support up to 25 km/h.

The latest coup is the Microlino: With the minimal automobile, Ouboter is realizing its credo “Reduce to the Max” on four wheels, available from 2018.

Electric car - bubble Microlino 2.0 two battery options: 125 km (77 mi) or 200 km (124 mi) on a single charge, and 11 kW for 100 Nm (73 lb-ft) torque, acceleration to 50 km/h in five seconds and top speed 90 km/h (55 mph)...
Ex Tax:$15,000.00
Electric Tricycle Microletta WHY TWO WHEELS WHEN YOU CAN HAVE THREE? SMILE This is me: Safety - Two tilting front wheels significantly reduce braking distances. Without a license - You can ride me with a driver's license. Replaceable Battery - Two batteries can be easily removed and recharged at..
Ex Tax:$6,000.00
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