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Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors
Country: USA

Lucid Motors is an automotive company that specializes in electric cars.

The company sets out to create a car that elevates the human experience and transcends the perceived limitations of space, performance, and intelligence. A car that is intuitive, liberating, and designed for all the ways people get around.

It was founded in 2007 and 

headquartered in Newark, California.

Brand: Lucid Motors
Electric car Air Dream Edition - Electro has never looked so good. Freed from the rules of traditional automotive design, the Air redefines the shape, proportions and dimensions of the luxury sedan while infusing thoughtful craftsmanship into every detail. Outdoor lighting is another way that Air ..
Ex Tax:$162,500.00
Brand: Lucid Motors
Electric car Air Grand Touring - Introduced by Lucid Air. The best one, the one who found the range, the best one charging the electric mobiles near the lights. Get a max pull of 1080 and a distance of up to 500 miles on a single charge, for the price of a car you don't know. Everything is packed in..
Ex Tax:$132,500.00
Brand: Lucid Motors
Electric car Air Pure Technical characteristics of the Electric Air Pure: Dimensions and weight: Length 4970 mm Width 1950 mm Height 1410 mm Unladen weight (EU) 2100 kg Seats for 5 people Car body Sedan Segment F - Luxury Estimation of the real range from 390 to 765 km City - Cold weat..
Ex Tax:$71,000.00
Brand: Lucid Motors
Electric car Air Touring Specifications of Electric Air Touring: Acceleration 0-100 km / h 3.4 s Maximum speed 250 km / h Electric range 530 km Total power 462 kW (628 hp) Total torque No data Drive All-wheel drive Battery and charging: Battery capacity 88.0 kWh Battery useful 85.0 kWh ..
Ex Tax:$88,500.00
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