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Country: Netherlands

Lightyear develops long-range solar electric vehicles based on a holistic design philosophy. Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do: our patented technology, built into key components including the drivetrain, thermal management and solar roof, is optimized on one side.

Lightyear's hardware innovation is reflected in the efficiency of our software to provide a user experience based on our proprietary software architecture and user interface.

Lightyear's mission is a balanced team of more than 120 dedicated people, including both experienced professionals and young, talented and highly effective innovators.

At the center of high-tech innovation

Innovation is part of Lightyear's DNA. We are located at the automotive campus in Helmond - part of the Brainport region of the Netherlands: the heart of European innovation. We work together with highly specialized leading partners from the automotive industry to develop, manufacture, assemble and test our products. Lightyear creates its own delivery and service network for its vehicles and works with a variety of commercial partners so you can share or rent your Lightyear vehicle anywhere. Other partners provide valuable legal, personnel, informational and organizational advice that supports the growth of our company.

Brand: Lightyear
A car for independent researchersStarting from scratch, Lightyear One is designed like no other car. This will allow you to have a truly comfortable and clean journey. Explore the world regardless of charging infrastructure.Energy without effortWith its five square meters of solar panels that increa..
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