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L CITY Automotive GmbH

L CITY Automotive GmbH
Country: United Kingdom


New generation universal, multifunctional urban electric vehicle for the needs of your business.

L CITY aims to break the boundaries between the complicated expensive automotive industry and accessible Zero emission business solutions.

L CITY Automotive GmbH entered in a joined venture agreement with the sports and racing cars’ manufacturer SIN CARS, integrating their best-in-class motor sport experience for providing the Platform with strength and stiffness.

We are always on the lookout for curious and motivated people from the automotive, high tech, design and many other industries. Check out our Careers page to find about our open positions.

Brand: L City
L CITY L-BUS is an electric vehicle designed for courier services. Suitable for the delivery of last mile goods in large cities. L-BUS is produced in 3 versions - passenger, mixed and cargo.Electric car L City L-BUS Cargo space with a volume of 4 m³ provides ample space for cargo. The L City L-BUS i..
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