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Kronfeld Motors

Kronfeld Motors
Country: USA

Kronfeld Motors has built the first prototype of a new kind of vehicle; our prototype is named the Raht Racer.

Kronfeld Motors has developed the RAHT RACER ™, an ultra-efficient electric vehicle for city dwellers, vacation rentals and motorsports enthusiasts. The RAHT (Rechargeable Anthro-Hybrid Transcycle) is a three-wheeled, two-seater, weather-resistant, man-electric hybrid that boosts normal cycling effort and pace to highway speeds. Simply put, when you pedal, you are driving at the speed of a car. Kronfeld Motors' patented electric generator-accelerator system allows cycling where it has never been before - on the highway.

Designed for the keen cyclist looking to minimize carbon emissions, the Raht Racer uses an electric pedal and encloses its rider in a weatherproof, reinforced housing with automotive-standard safety components.

Stable handling (at 75 mph)

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