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Korechi Innovations

Korechi Innovations
Country: Canada

Korechi Innovations Inc. specializes in the development of autonomous robots for agriculture and, more recently, golf. Korechi Innovations specializes in the development of self-contained products for farm use and lawn care. There is growing concern about a labor shortage in the agriculture and golf industries, primarily in North America and Europe. Our stand-alone products reduce the need for labor for outdoor jobs that are typically physically demanding and low paying. Instead, employees can be reallocated to other tasks that are more difficult to automate and have higher added value.


Korechi Innovations builds robots to automate simple, repetitive and often unsafe farm tasks. This means workers can be used to perform other complex, higher value-added jobs on the farm. In this way, we can help you significantly increase your productivity. We reduce work, you increase your profit.

Korechi Innovations Inc. was founded in 2016 in Ontario, Canada. We currently serve the US and Canadian markets from our headquarters in Oshawa. We specialize in the development of autonomous robots for agriculture and, more recently, golf. Our robots reduce the need for labor for outdoor jobs, which are typically physically demanding and low-paid activities.

Our work has so far captured the imagination of newspapers, magazines, and TV channels across North America as they become increasingly interested in the prospect of an automated farm and the role of robotics startups in bringing it about.

Today we offer several product lines. Korechi has the ability to expand its technology into several other verticals, requiring little or no product or software changes. We have demonstrated this with our successful transition to golf course maintenance.


Maintaining the Family Farm - Korechi is making farming profitable again by providing alternative workers for tasks that no one else would take on. We help clients achieve a return on their technology investment in as little as three years, sometimes as little as 12 months.

Achieve the benefits of electrification - we help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions through electrification with the added bonus of reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

Cleaning Operations - We help you reduce your use of chemicals through constant monitoring and weeding - with a weeding robot that never gets tired or bored.

Increased Efficiency - Our robots allow you to reallocate your existing manual workforce to jobs that are more rewarding, safer and better suited to human ingenuity.

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