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Country: Denmark

KiteX - Off-grid and street wind power. Kitex is working to reduce the cost of renewable energy. This improves people's lives by increasing access to electricity and reducing the environmental impact of electricity production.

The KiteX wind turbine uses 90% less materials than a conventional wind turbine and can save up to 50% in costs compared to conventional wind turbines. KiteX kite power systems are much more mobile than traditional renewables, opening up new areas of renewable energy applications.

KiteX turbines are particularly well suited for deployment in areas with poor infrastructure, which makes it difficult to install conventional wind turbines and increases the energy consumption of competitors.

Our company KiteX is focused on research and development that will lead to a commercial breakthrough in kite power generation.

Brand: KiteX
Wind Catcher is a revolutionary new wind turbine, one of a kind. It is lighter, more powerful and easier to use than any other wind turbine and weighs only 10 kg!Portable: easy to pack and carry, set up in 15 minutes by one personPowerful: charge e-bikes, electronics, home appliances for backup powe..
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